Is Stacey Abrams a Lesbian? Know More About Her!

is stacey abrams a lesbian

Stacey Abrams has now joined the ranks of the wealthy. There you go. Abrams’ wealth increased from $109,000 to $3.17 million in the short four years following her unsuccessful 2018 gubernatorial run in Georgia. Losing an election can be a devastating experience for some people. In Abrams’s eyes, this was a veritable treasure trove.

Abrams had to work for his success, unlike many politicians who either come from wealthy families or receive a dramatic increase in their income after being elected (the affluent get elected and the elected get rich).

(Abrams makes most of her money through speaking engagements, investments, book deals, her position as executive director of the Southern Economic Advancement Project, and her membership on the board of Heliogen, a California company whose mission is to “replace fossil fuels with concentrated sunlight.”)

However, none of these possibilities would have arisen if she hadn’t run for governor and drawn widespread media attention. Abrams’ denial of defeat has made things more complicated by elevating her profile as a victim and a leader of the resistance.

It’s not like Abrams had no good ideas or anything; she wasn’t just trying to make money. But the incentives are clearly twisted when running for the government may increase your salary by a factor of 10 in just four years.

Abrams’s sudden fortune is emblematic of the widening disparity in wealth between politicians and the rest of us. Data shows there is a discrepancy there. Around 8% of adults in the United States are millionaires, whereas roughly 50% of lawmakers are. Any observant person would realize that such a disparity is not likely to be a mere fluke.

The last few decades have seen a worsening of this trend. As recently as 1975, “it wasn’t nearly so unusual for a person with minimal assets besides a home to win and serve in Congress,” an article from The Washington Post stated in 2011. Lawmakers “of that time included a barber, a pipe fitter, and a house painter,” the piece continues.

 Things changed dramatically today. When compared to “the wealth of the average American family,” the median wealth of a House member “more than doubled” between 1984 and 2009. Since then, the gap has only widened.

In the period between 2004 and 2012, the “average gain in net worth for the top 100 [richest congressional incumbents] was 114 percent each year,” as stated by BallotPedia’s “Personal Gain Index.”

Abrams turned down pleas to run for the Senate in favor of another run for governor of Georgia, so her newfound millionaire status won’t alter the percentage of millionaires in Congress. The Republican governor she hopes to unseat, Brian Kemp, is estimated to be worth $8.5 million by the Associated Press.

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Do You Think She’s a Lesbian?

As the biggest LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) civil rights group in the country, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) held its annual Atlanta Dinner. Stacey Abrams, whom HRC endorsed for Governor of Georgia last month, spoke at the event.

Stacey Abrams is an accomplished leader and a role model, and her group,, collaborated with HRC in 2020 to defend the voting rights of LGBTQ+ Americans around the country.

Abrams is a staunch supporter of LGBTQ+ rights, having opposed anti-equality measures during her time in the Georgia House of Representatives and instead advocated for laws such as nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ+ Georgians and marriage equality.

Andre Dickens, mayor of Atlanta and an outspoken supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, also spoke that night.

To watch videos featuring Stacey Abrams and Andre Dickens, please click here. Below are excerpts from their respective remarks. You can find a summary of Stacey Abrams’s speech by reading the passages that follow.

“I came here tonight to say ‘how could they,’ and that’s why I’m here. My God, they have the nerve to think that this is a place where God hates people. To presume to tell us who we are, whose we are, and whom we can trust is utterly offensive. To be the governor of a place where grace abounds, opportunity abounds, and transformation is constant has brought me here tonight.”

Amazingly, HRC has linked the cause of justice in communities across the country, which is just one example of the incredible job that this group has done.

When these elections take place, the LGBTQ+ community’s lives, not simply their rights, are at stake. When I was growing up, my parents instilled in me the belief that the welfare of the weakest among us is the welfare of the whole.

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My parents always said, “There is no such thing as an excuse for doing nothing because of a lack of resources.” Being ignored is unacceptable under any circumstances, target or not. Fight for everyone. Everybody needs to chip in. Each of us must take a stand for everyone else. At this very moment, our very lives are in balance.


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