iOS 16.1 is Preventing GPS from Working Properly on iPhone 14 Pro/Max

iOS 16.1 is preventing GPS from working properly on iPhone 14 Pro/Max

In order to restore GPS functionality, iPhone 14 Pro customers who have already loaded the iOS 16.1 beta will either need to downgrade to an earlier version of iOS (16.0.1) or wait until a later version of the iOS 16.1 beta fixes the issue. It is currently unknown what is causing the fault.

Dual-band GPS support is available on the iPhone 14 Pro model, just like it is on the Apple Watch Ultra. This means that the iPhone can receive signals from more GPS satellites that operate on the standard L1 frequency as well as the more powerful L5 frequency, which can better traverse obstacles such as buildings and trees.

The combination of these two signals can significantly improve the mapping capabilities of the device. These two signals, when combined, have the potential to dramatically increase the positioning accuracy of applications and other similar technologies.

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How to Fix iPhone 14 Pro GPS Not Working

Because this is obviously a fault in the program, the only way for Apple to remedy it is through an update to the software.

The transfer of data from an older iPhone model that was running the same beta to a newer model that was also running the same beta can cause many iPhone 14 users to end up with the iOS 16.1 beta installed on their device.

A helpful hint: Navigate to Settings > General > About > iOS version on your device to determine which version of iOS 16 it is currently running.

iOS 16.0, iOS 16.0.1 (20A371), and iOS 16.1 beta are all compatible with the iPhone 14 as of the time of this writing (20B5045d). The most recent one is the one that contains the problem that affects the iPhone 14 GPS.

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You have the option to revert back to iOS 16.0.1 as a workaround if you do not wish to wait for Apple to launch iOS 16.1 beta 2 in order to fix this issue.


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