Is Mizkif Gay? Know More About His Life!


Matthew Rinaudo, who was born in the United States on February 14, 1995, is a Twitch streamer. Mizkif Matthew is a well-known and respected individual in his field. Mizkif is not only the founder of One True King but also the proprietor of that particular gaming organization.

The majority of his fame stems from the video game playthroughs that he posts on YouTube on a regular basis. Additionally, he is well-known and well-known for his live stream gameplay across a wide variety of platforms.

Mizkif is an avid gamer who enjoys a wide variety of titles, including Minecraft, Mario Party, and Pokemon. He not only started the company, but he also helped found it with another person.

Is Mizkif a Homosexual?

No, Mizkif isn’t gay.

Who Is the Lucky Lady in Mizkif’s Life?

Higa is dating fellow Twitch streamer Matthew Rinaudo, who also streams on the platform. In 2019, he began a romantic relationship with Higa. However, on September 14, 2021, Mizkif announced that they were no longer together, which ultimately led to the end of their relationship.

 Both Mizkif and Higa were receiving opportunities and brand partnerships as a direct result of their connection to one another, which was made possible by the fact that both of them were working together. However, there were a lot of differences of opinion, which were brought on by ties between different people who created things.

An illustration of this is the most recent incident that took place between the couple named Mizkif and Maya, who were both also prominent members and who dated and were in a relationship a few years ago, but eventually, both again broke up and ended their relationship.

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This is an example of this type of situation. Even if the fans of the couple found out that they had broken up, it is important to remember that they have moved on to a new relationship as friends. This is important to keep in mind because of a disagreement with a third streamer whose name was Emiru.

The fight between Maya and Mizkif involves all of the people or streamers, each of whom has their own way of going about things. Maya is the one who uses Twitch. In addition, she is a wildlife rehabilitator and a fervent environmentalist.

She only broadcasts on Twitch for the purpose of making money, which she then donates to charities that do more to improve the lives of animals. Additionally, she is the one who delivers a wide variety of content and regularly works along with the other members of the group.

She used to work with the company owned by Mizkif, which is called One True King Network. Maya’s expression of concern over Mizkif’s new relationship or what some may refer to as his close friendship with Emiru was the initial spark that ignited the conflict between the two of them. Later on, Maya was confused by Mizkif’s attempt to find someone else to take her position.

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Net Worth

The following reasons support our conclusion that Mizkif has a net worth of around $700.000: Although streamers typically prefer to keep details about their personal finances private, Mizkif came clean with his audience early in 2020 regarding the amount of money he is currently worth.

Even after taking into account his tax liability, Mizkif claims that his current net worth is “around half a million dollars.”

Despite this, the Twitch star has developed quite a bit in the time since then. He has roughly 17,000–20,000 subscribers on average, which would equate to approximately $40,000–$50,000 per month if they all paid.

This alone, over the course of a year, would wind up approximately equaling the $500,000 sum that he mentioned back in January 2020.

However, he also has a channel on YouTube, which has about 300,000 subscribers at this point. In addition to this, he is seated on a First Edition Neo Genesis Lugia Pokémon card, which, if it were to be graded in immaculate condition, might be valued up to one hundred thousand dollars.

In addition to that, he is the proud owner of a graded collection of vintage Nintendo gaming products, which the man believes might be worth approximately $45,000.

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Because of the expansion of his channel as well as the magnitude of his collection of unique gaming items, we have decided to provide him with a sum that is greater than the one he initially proposed in the year 2020.


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