She Hulk Episode 5 Ending Explained: Get All You Want to Know!

she hulk episode 5 ending explained

Greetings, and thank you for visiting our Ending Explanation for Episode 5 of Season 1 of Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. The lawsuit filed by Titania, a powerful influencer, against Jennifer for calling herself She-Hulk was revealed in last week’s episode, and this new episode wraps up that story.

Titania outmaneuvered Jennifer by securing the trademark to the moniker She-Hulk before Jennifer did. This is quite the tactic, and it’s one that many shady characters in the real world employ.

This trademarking trial is the focus of episode 5, along with a secondary narrative thread that acts as a setup for the return of a fan-favorite Marvel superhero and his eventual incorporation into the MCU.

To put it mildly, the fifth episode will cause some debate. It will be widely praised by some and widely reviled by others. It’s not as entertaining as episode 4, and it moves at a glacial pace, but it does provide some great character development for Jennifer as she begins to view herself as somebody other than She-Hulk.

This Is How She-Hulk Season 5 Ends

We get up this week right where we left off last week, with Jennifer Walters continuing to represent Titania in her trademark action against her for using She-Hulk as her moniker.

Several commercials feature Titania’s use of the aforementioned moniker to market her brand, which she finds annoying. Adding fuel to the fire, Ched storms into Jennifer’s apartment, mistaking the She-Hulk merchandise he holds for his cousin.

The two women then go shopping at one of Titania’s boutiques dedicated to the She-Hulk character, where Nikki joins Jennifer. She has a conversation with the influential person and asks her to abandon her alias.

Jennifer, back at the office, tells Nikki that she doesn’t mind being called She-Hulk, but this is a lie. Pug approaches Nikki as she exits her building and invites her to attend a shoe launch with him. Jennifer’s assistant and best friend turns around and asks if he knows someone who can make unique apparel for those with special abilities.

The two then go to a boba cafe to meet with Luke Jacobson, who is known for his work designing costumes for superheroes. Once they make up a story about an Avenger referring them, they are able to get Jennifer an appointment.

Jennifer returns to Holden Holliway’s office and tells her boss that Titania has stolen the She-Hulk trademark, promising to make things right. Instead, Holliway gives the case to Mallory Book, another attorney at the same firm.

The next scene has Jennifer testifying in court against Titania. While Jennifer was not interested in assuming the She-Hulk persona, Mallory makes a compelling argument against the influencer.

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Mallory and Jennifer successfully argue with the judge for extra time to prove their case. But in the meantime, Nikki and Jennifer have gone to see Luke commission a costume for the superhero attorney.

Following her visit to Luke’s, Jennifer overhears Todd, one of her previous disastrous dates, chatting with Mallory. The two go out to lunch and plot an attack, deciding to use She-exes Hulk as character witnesses to prove she was using the moniker before Titania.

On the other side of the courthouse, Mallory is calling her old flames using She-social Hulk’s dating app profile. A favorable ruling for Jennifer was followed quickly by the judge’s request that Titania stops using the She-Hulk moniker. Before departing, the influencer makes threats to Jennifer. Mallory agrees to go out with Jennifer to the pub for drinks.

The shared dating experience then brings the two closer together. Thereafter, Jennifer checks in with Luke on her outfit. As a result of trying one on, she creates her very own superhero outfit. As the episode comes to a close, a glimpse of Daredevil’s signature yellow mask is shown.

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Recap of The Fifth Episode of “She-Hulk”

This week’s She-Hulk episode focuses mostly on the conflict between She-Hulk and Titania. The main conflict occurred in the courtroom, hence there is no actual fistfight.

The conflict is established in episode four, clearing the door for Jennifer to assume complete control of the She-Hulk identity in subsequent episodes. Also, plans for her to wear her very own superhero outfit are nearing completion and could debut in the coming weeks.

The reveal of Daredevil’s new helmet, in the episode’s last moments, is arguably the most significant development.

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It’s similar to the design seen in the Netflix show, although it’s yellow instead of red. This may signal that Charlie Cox will finally make an appearance on the show. Until then, we don’t know how Marvel plans to accomplish it.


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