Smart Replies in Google Chat Gets These New Languages: Here’s how To Enable Them

Smart Replies in Google Chat gets these new languages: Here’s how to enable them

In Google Chat, smart replies have been available for the past four years. But it has never wavered in its commitment to the English language. Now, Google has expanded the feature to include three other languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

According to Google, users do not need to be concerned about anything because the application will comprehend the language in which they are typing and provide them with prompt responses.

If users wish to make use of Smart Replies, they need to make sure that they have enabled it by heading to the app settings, clicking on the gear icon, and checking the box that says ‘Enable Smart Reply on web and desktop.’

On the other hand, the web-based chat only supports the use of the Smart Replies feature in the languages of Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. Therefore, it’s possible that end customers won’t be able to access this service on cell phones for some time.

Google apps have had the capability to send intelligent replies for some time now. Smart Replies are available for Messages, Gmail, and Google Docs on both Android and the web. This operates in the same manner across all apps.

Additionally, it is integrated into the notifications on Android, which enables brief and speedy responses based on the message that has been received.

In the meantime, Smart Replies is a feature that can be found in multiple apps and offers users a few recommendations based on what they are currently typing. Additionally, it is available in a number of different languages. Users are required to tap the phrase in order to send a Smart Reply.

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In a related move, Google has updated Google Photos with the addition of a sprinkling of films and music called Memories. According to Google, the Photos app will select and edit the most compelling portions of the videos that users have shot in the past, then place those segments in the Memories section of the app.

At the same time, photographs will have an effect that looks like they are zooming in and out somewhat. In addition to this, users will also be able to play instrumental music in the background of their memories. In the event that users are unable to determine the resemblance, there will be a swipe up/down gesture that may be used to navigate through the various Memories.

In addition, there will soon be a new feature called Styles coming to Memories. This feature was modeled by scrapbooks. Users also have the ability to share the entirety of their Memories with other users. To refresh your memory, Cinematic Photos is one of the visual effects that has been used the most in Google Photos ever since they were introduced.

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This function will soon be expanded to Memories, and when it does, users will be able to see Dramatic Memories, which will have a collection of vintage photographs enhanced with music and Google Photos’ cinematic effect.


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