How Apple iOS 16 Lockdown Mode Works? How to Activate it?

How Apple iOS 16 Lockdown Mode Works? How to Activate it?

In this summer’s iOS 16, iPad 16, and macOS Ventura beta, Apple announced a completely new extreme security feature dubbed Lockdown Mode. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Lockdown Mode in iOS 16, including who it’s designed for, how it functions, and whether or not you should enable it.

Who Is iPhone Lockdown Mode For?

Apple claims that the optional iPhone Lockdown Mode in iOS 16 (also on the iPad and Mac) would give an unprecedented level of protection. This isn’t something your ordinary Joe would enjoy, either.

It’s intended for the extremely insignificant population that makes up the potential target audience for highly sophisticated threats like state-sponsored mercenary malware like the Pegasus attack.

How Does It Work?

When Lockdown Mode is activated on an iOS or macOS device, its capabilities are severely constrained to lessen the “attack surface” and hence increase security.

According to Apple, Lockdown Mode offers the following security features:

  • Attachments to messages are restricted to images; this includes the vast majority of file formats. Normally available options are unavailable, such as previewing links before clicking them.
  • While browsing the web, Lockdown Mode prevents the usage of advanced web technologies like just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compilation unless an exception is made for a trustworthy site.
  • If the user hasn’t initiated contact with the inviter or requester before, they won’t get any invitations or requests for services, including FaceTime calls, from Apple.
  • When using FaceTime, calls from persons you haven’t spoken to before are automatically rejected.
  • The Photos app will no longer support Shared Albums, and you will no longer be able to send or receive invitations to create new ones.
  • When an iPhone is locked, it cannot establish a wired connection to a computer or accessory.
  • Lockdown Mode prevents the installation of configuration profiles and enrollment in mobile device management (MDM).
  • Check out our in-depth coverage to learn more about how everything operates:

Find out how iOS 16’s new Lockdown Mode limits your access to the internet.

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How to Turn On/off Lockdown Mode in iOS 16 on iPhone

Turn on Lockdown Mode

  • Launch the System Preferences in macOS Ventura or the Settings app in iOS 16 or iPad OS 16.
  • Select Confidentiality & Safety
  • Choose Lockdown Mode by clicking the button at the bottom.
  • To activate Lockdown Mode, swipe down to the bottom of the screen.
  • To turn it on and restart it, tap Turn On & Restart and input the password if requested.

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Turn Off Lockdown Mode

  • Go back into iOS 16’s Settings app or macOS Ventura’s System Preferences.
  • The Option of Complete Confidentiality
  • Choose Lockdown Mode by clicking the button at the bottom.
  • Select Disable Lockdown Mode at this time.
  • If prompted, enter your passcode and then tap Turn Off & Restart.


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