Barbarian Ending Explained: Know All You Should Know About the Movie!

barbarian ending explained

This past weekend saw the release of Barbarian, a horror film that is considered a precursor to the October horror movie season. Since it isn’t part of a major franchise or features any well-known actors, Barbarian has mostly gone unnoticed by moviegoers.

However, if you’ve seen any discussion of the picture on social media, you’ve probably heard praise for its surprising plot turns. Barbarian is now one of the best-reviewed horror films of the year, with 93% positive ratings on the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

Those unfamiliar with the horror genre who are curious about the film’s reception can rest assured that we will explain the plot in plain English. The movie “Barbarian” has only recently opened.

Tess (Georgina Campbell) arrives at her rental property on a rainy night, only to find out that Keith (Bill Skarsgrd) has also moved in. Keith invites Tess to stay the night in his house, despite the fact that the area is unsafe and there are no nearby motels with availability, as they both have paperwork proving they followed the appropriate procedures.

Despite the potential for Keith to be up to no good, the two enjoy spending the night together, and everything goes smoothly save from a door opening suspiciously.

The following day, however, Tess follows the sound down to the basement, where she finds a secret room with a dirty mattress, a bucket, and an ancient video camera. After hearing about the room, Keith decides to check it out for himself.

However, he and Tess soon learn that this is just the beginning of the secrets the house conceals as they venture into a network of underground tunnels, where Keith is ultimately killed.

Following this, AJ (Justin Long), the film’s protagonist and the home’s owner, is shown heading to the house to deal with the fallout of his sexual assault scandal.

To him, the more square footage he can advertise the house as having in hopes of a higher sale price is more important than investigating noises like the one Tess heard. He, like Tess, gets attacked by the tunnel-dweller and thrown into a pit while they are both exploring the tunnels.

In a flashback, we learn that Frank (Richard Brake) was a serial kidnapper and rapist who would lure women into the tunnels where he would rape and then impregnate them.

Frank has been impregnating his own offspring for decades, giving rise to the naked female assailant in the underground. When AJ finds Frank in the tunnels, Frank has already retrieved a gun to take his own life.

Even if the story’s concept suggests that Keith might be the bad guy, the revelation that a super-strong woman is hiding in the tunnels beneath the house is more than enough of a twist to throw viewers for a loop.

Tess is initially threatened by a homeless guy (Jaymes Butler) who follows her into the tunnels, but after she escapes, he explains that he was only attempting to warn her about the home. Even though he was aware that the underground woman would leave the house at night, he said she could feel safe in a neighboring water tower.

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Soon after Tess’s escape, the lady gives chase, eventually striking her with a car before entering the tunnels in search of AJ. AJ inadvertently shoots Tess with the revolver he stole from Frank during the rescue, and the two of them flee to the water tower.

The tower’s peak unfortunately isn’t as secure as they had hoped, since the woman has followed them there. Aware that the woman will pursue her to their death, AJ throws Tess off the tower. Together, they crash to the ground below.

When AJ goes to see how they are doing, he discovers that neither of them was killed in the fall; in fact, the woman immediately comes back to life and tries to kill him before Tess manages to grab the revolver he was carrying and end the threat once and for all.

Inevitably, spectators were left wondering if we may get more stories set in this mythology after seeing Barbarian, which has been talked about as one of the year’s most talked-about horror films due to its many unexpected turns and a blend of unpleasant horrors and genuine humor.

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The Neighborhood that Went to Hell

At the beginning of Barbarian, our protagonist, Tess (Georgina Campbell), arrives at an Airbnb for an interview she has in Detroit and discovers that the home is already occupied by another guest. The only catch is that a young man named Keith (Bill Skarsgard) already lives there.

The movie almost makes Keith out to be the bad guy at first. He’s putting on a particularly suspicious performance, leading viewers to suspect that he could be the killer.

But that ends swiftly, in the first hour, when one of the film’s antagonists, The Mother, kills Keith’s character in the house’s subterranean tunnels and basements. As dubious as he initially seemed, he appeared to have genuine feelings for Tess.

barbarian ending explained

We don’t see the 1980s house until much later after the new character AJ (Justin Long) has already been introduced and is trapped in the property’s underground tunnel system. There we can see the area before it was destroyed by fire and left for dead.

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The previous owner of the house, a man named Frank, was a serial rapist who kidnapped women, fathered children with them, and so on until he finally produced The Mother.

An unnamed neighbor of Frank’s once said that the area was “going to hell,” and it seems that they were right. Tess and AJ are currently trapped and must locate an exit.


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