Ending of Devil in Ohio Explained: Know More About the Movie!

ending of devil in ohio explained

The plot of “Devil in Ohio” is around a young woman named Mae, played by Madeleine Arthur, who manages to flee from a cult in Amontown that worships Satan. Dr. Suzanne (Emily Deschanel) provides fostering for Mae by incorporating her into her family of five.

Dr. Suzanne’s husband, Peter (Sam Jaeger), is in the real estate business, and Dr. Suzanne’s three daughters, Helen, Jules, and Dani, are all teachers.

This cult, commanded by Malachi (Tahmoh Penikett), keeps a careful eye on Mae over the duration of the first five episodes of the show, either waiting for her to return to them on her own or attempting to apprehend her. As a result of her refusal, they set fire to one of Peter’s houses, marked Jules, and came dangerously close to killing Dani.

Mae destroys the family from the inside out, in large part by casting doubt on the mere existence of Jules. Finally, on the night of the Harvest Dance, the cult reportedly causes Mae to return to them with the assistance of white roses, which prompts Suzanne to travel to Amontown and rescue her from being the Devil’s wife.

The Devil in Ohio: An Explanation of The Conclusion

ending of devil in ohio explained

At the beginning of the conclusion, Mae makes her way back to the Amontown cult from which she eventually fled after being born and reared there all her life. She has come back to perform the ritual of self-sacrifice, much to the acclaim of the cult.

When Suzanne learns where Mae has gone, she doesn’t waste any time in giving chase to try and save her friend before it’s too late. Suzanne, pretending to be a cult member so that she can observe the event, watches in disbelief as it takes place.

Mae is spared from meeting her demise as a result of the fire that breaks out in the church just as the cult members are about to complete the ritual. In the midst of the pandemonium, Suzanne takes Mae, as Mae is attempting to convince her mother, who has been a member of the cult for her whole life, to come with them.

She is adamantly opposed to going, and as a result, she offers herself up in Mae’s place to be consumed by the flames.

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There is still a significant chasm of discord between Suzanne and her family back in their hometown since Mae has pulled them apart from the inside out. Mae and Suzanne end up celebrating Thanksgiving by themselves, and Detective Lopez shows up to tell Suzanne that Mae had purchased the white roses for herself.

Suzanne had been led to believe that the cult had purchased the roses for Mae in order to trick her into returning, but Detective Lopez reveals that this was not the case. Mae had devised the entire sacrificial pretense with the intention of persuading Suzanne to flee in order to rescue her.

Suzanne, who is startled and worried, comes to the realization that she does not know Mae at all and that she appears to be afraid of her. Mae has demonstrated that she will go to any length to maintain her relationship with Suzanne and has gone to great measures to avoid being separated from her.

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Mae, pleased that she has accomplished precisely what she set out to do, merely utters the phrase “we deserve this” before the roll of the credits while Suzanne observes her and begins to see her in a new way.


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