Instagram Bug Bounty Winner from Jaipur Wins Rs 38 Lakh: Here Is What He Discovered

Instagram bug bounty winner from Jaipur wins Rs 38 lakh: Here is what he discovered

Neeraj Sharma, a student from Jaipur, has been awarded 38 lakh by Instagram. By reporting a security flaw, he prevented the compromise of millions of Instagram accounts and received this award. Information suggests that Sharma uncovered a flaw in Instagram.

Because of this flaw, any user’s thumbnails might be modified without requiring them to log in. A student from Jaipur, India, was awarded $45,000 by Instagram for finding and fixing a security flaw.

The flaw let hackers get access to Instagram accounts and issue the thumbnail feature without needing the actual login details. In January, Sharma alerted Meta about the flaw in social media. While he was having difficulties with his own Instagram account.

A representative from the company had already contacted him to let him know that they were aware of the problem and wanted to see a demonstration of it.

Later, in a 5-minute demonstration, he confirmed his report by altering the Reel thumbnail without the account credentials. Facebook approved his claim after an extensive inquiry and paid him $45,000 (about Rs 38 lakh) on May 11. For every month that the award was postponed, Facebook offered an additional $4500, or Rs 3.6 lakh.

Neeraj Gives the Following Statement:

Instagram, a photo-sharing app owned by Facebook, has a flaw that allows users to alter their profile pictures. No matter how secure the account holder’s password is, it might be changed with just the media ID of the account.

Starting in December last year, I began criticizing my Instagram posts. After a long day of work on January 31, I discovered the (bug) error on Instagram in the morning. Following this, I reported this error on Instagram to Facebook that same evening and got a response three days later. He said, “It wanted me to show off a demo.”

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Meta Is Running Bug Bounty Program Live for Programmers

Meta is now hosting a live Meta Bug Bounty program for developers to improve the safety of Facebook and Instagram. If an outside programmer or researcher is able to discover a security flaw in a Meta product or service, the corporation offers substantial compensation.

In order to keep people safe, we appreciate it when security researchers reveal flaws in our products and services so we can fix them.

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The rules for Meta’s bug bounty program state, “Meta has the right to determine the amount of any rewards for such reports based on risk, impact, the number of susceptible users, and other considerations.”


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