How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft? Know Here!

How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

In Minecraft, beacons are the pinnacle of status. To clarify, this means they are astronomically expensive and next to impossible to acquire.

You’ll need to do more than just create the beacon and set it atop a pyramid; you’ll also need to call and destroy one of the most dangerous adversaries in all of Minecraft and harvest the elusive Nether star from their remains.

This pyramid requires special construction materials. No, only the highest quality, most difficult-to-come-by components will do for your beacon.

If you work hard and succeed in becoming the wealthiest Steve in Minecraft, you’ll get a lot more than just the satisfaction of knowing you’re better off than everyone else.

There are several alluring incentives to work hard until you succeed in making and establishing a beacon, including faster movement and mining speeds, regenerating health, and a permanent marker to illuminate your way if you ever get lost. Happily, you’ve found a reasonably good resource right here.

How to Craft a Beacon

Building a beacon requires only a few basic materials: a glass block dome, an obsidian block base, and a Nether star placed in the center. It may seem simple, but in order to make a beacon, you must first gather all of the necessary materials.

It’s not hard to find the former, but where do you find the latter? To do this, you must invoke the Wither and then beat it, each of which has its own procedure and set of rules.

The Wither, along with the Ender Dragon, is one of Minecraft’s most formidable bosses. It only drops one Nether star upon defeat, which can be used to make one beacon. Are you looking for additional lights? Don’t let Withers win. This is not a battle to be entered into lightly, so arm yourself accordingly.

Where to Place Your Beacon

Put your beacon atop a pyramid if you want more than just a nice laser pointing at the square sky. Your beacons’ enhanced abilities come from the pyramid, which also has the potential to bestow enormous benefits on any players who happen to be in close proximity to your central base.

Only iron, gold, diamond, or emerald may be used in the pyramid’s construction, and it may have up to four floors (with more blocks on each level). As opposed to raw materials, these blocks are made of nine ingots or precious stones.

The good news is that it doesn’t make a difference which of the aforementioned materials you use, and you can combine them in any way you see fit. Your beacon will remain lit so long as the entire pyramid is constructed using these components.

How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

Furthermore, the sky must be clear of obstructions so that the beacon can see it. The only things that won’t break the beacon’s functionality are other beacons, glass blocks, and similar transparent blocks. Having a covert beacon is basically impossible.

There is more than one beacon available to you. In theory, you could build a single pyramid to hold an unlimited number of beacons, each of which would provide benefits beyond those provided by a single beacon alone. In order to maximize the benefits of a beacon, a pyramid with four levels is recommended.

Single-Level Pyramid

The initial beacon level only grants one ability (Speed or Haste) and has the shortest range of the available beacons (only 20 blocks in any direction.) Even if you don’t have enough money to build a full pyramid, this is a fantastic foundation on which to develop.

An extremely straightforward pyramid can be constructed for a single beacon by stacking 9 blocks of any material into a 3×3 square. Adding more beacons will effectively make the pyramid taller. To accommodate two beacons, a 9-block square is required. A 4×4 square with 16 bricks is required for 4 beacons. Et cetera, etc. Clearly, you understand.

Two-Level Pyramid

Building a second tier into your pyramid will cost you more than you might expect, but it will also provide you access to new capabilities (either Resistance or Jump Boost). Moreover, your beacon’s usable range will be expanded to 30 blocks in any direction.

Your second level of the pyramid consists of two extra bricks on each side of the first. One-beacon pyramids, like this one, feature a 3×3 base and a 5×5 upper level. The second level of a pyramid with two lights requires a 6′ x 5′ square. Simply count, construct, and repeat.

When you reach the third level of your pyramid, you can give your beacon an additional Strength boost, increasing its effective range to 40 blocks in any direction.

The same standard operating procedures apply. On top of the second level, extend the sides by an additional two blocks. A 7×7 square of iron, gold, diamond, or emerald blocks is required at the base of a pyramid with a single beacon. After this stage, you should have a pretty good grasp of the concept.

At the pinnacle of your beacon’s pyramid, you have the option of boosting your primary powers to level 2 or gaining access to a secondary ability (regeneration). Moreover, it extends the reach to 50 blocks in any direction.

This level, like all the others, plays by the same set of rules. Each level should serve as a logical prelude to the next.


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