I Came by Ending Explained: Know More About the Movie!

I Came by Ending Explained

After watching the grim Netflix movie I Came By, which was released on August 31st, audiences have a lot to discuss.

Director/co-writer Babak Anvari told Digital Spy he was looking forward to the debate because there was so much that wasn’t shown in the trailers. Before it was released, he said, “I really want the audience to hopefully appreciate the rollercoaster ride of it.”

The flip side is that “I can’t wait to see how people react to the film and its twists and turns.”

And there are many of them in the story of Toby, a graffiti artist played by George MacKay, and his quest to reveal the dark past of “St Blake,” aka Sir Hector Blake, played by Hugh Bonneville.

The film works up to a dramatic climax, but you may have questions about the finish, so we’ll be exploring that part of the Netflix thriller for you.

I Came by Ending Explained: Who Is the Prisoner?

After Breaking Into Hector’s House for The First Time, Toby Discovers Some Revealing Images of A Bruised and Bound Young Man in The Cellar. but When He Peeks Through the Secret Metal Door’s Peephole, He Finds Something Far More Shocking.

i came by ending explained

Toby Is Unable to Enlist Jay’s Assistance Because He Is Now Pregnant, so We Don’t Find out What It Is until The Next Time He Breaks In. Likewise, Hector’s Ties to The Local Police Chief Kept the Authorities Away. Because of This, Toby Decides to Take Matters Into His Own Hands, with Disastrous Results.

Toby Discovers that Hector Is Keeping a Young Man Prisoner in A Hidden Room and Sets out To Free Him. During the Rescue, Hector Returns, and Toby Tries to Strike Him, but Instead Falls to The Floor. After Being Struck with A Cricket Bat, Hector Proceeds to Set Fire to The Weapon and The Man’s Clothing.

Concerned About Toby’s Whereabouts, Lizzie (kelly Macdonald) Begins to Look Into Hector, and She Eventually Catches Him out With a Young Iranian Masseur Named Omid (yazdan Qafouri).

When Omid Comes Staggering out Of Hector’s House After Realising He’s Been Spiked by Hector, Lizzie Is There to Help Him Get Away.

Despite Hector’s Past Efforts to Aid Immigrants, He Now Seems to Be Actively Targeting Them. While Waiting for The Medicines to Kick In, He Has a Talk with Omid that Reveals the Answer.

Hector Explains that His Father Once Took in A Young Parsi Assistant Named Ravi and Raised Him as One of The Family. Then, Hector’s Dad Made Room for Ravi in The Family and Slept with Him. After Being “banished to The Guest Room,” Hector’s Mom Committed Suicide, and He Found Her Body.

Hector Resented Ravi for Having “replaced My Mother and Me” and Sending Him Away to Boarding School. Hector Once Attacked Ravi so Viciously that Ravi Thought He Was Dead During the Summer. “this Newfound Independence Felt Wonderful. It’s so Ethereal It’s Almost Scary “his Words to Omid.

To Exact Revenge for The Death of His Mother, It Appears that Hector Is Torturing the Inmates He Captures in The Guise of Ravi. That, or The Traumatic Circumstances of His Upbringing Simply Awoke Something Sinister in Hector. Something Tells Us Hector Had Ulterior Motives for His Work with The Immigrant Community, Whatever That May Be.

Despite Lizzie’s Pleading, Omid Will Not Cooperate with The Authorities Because He Is an Asylum Seeker. at One Point, Hector Manages to Re-Capture Omid by Threatening Him Over His Green Card Application.

Lizzie Resolves to Look Into Omid’s Disappearance on Her Own. in The End, Lizzie Comes out Just as Good as Toby Did. Hector Informs Her that He “flushed His Ashes Down the Toilet” After He Killed Toby, Just Before He Kills Her. This Tragic Ending Befalls Both Lizzie and Omid.

When Jay (percelle Ascott) Doesn’t Hear from Lizzie for A Week After Refusing to Assist Her with Hector, He Begins to Investigate and Finds that Hector’s House Has Been Cleared out And Is Now for Sale.

The Good News for Jay Is that His Ex Naz (varada Sethu) Is Having Hector Read Her Dissertation as A Favour to Her Professor, Who Went to School with Hector.

As a Result, Jay Is Aware that Hector Is Being Celebrated at The Tercentenary of The School He Formerly Attended. when Hector Moves Into His New Home, Jay Follows Him There And, After a Short Struggle, Defeats Him and Leaves Him for The Police to Locate.

Jay Discovers a Secret Room in The Basement, Where Hector Has Kept Another Prisoner. It Seems Hector Didn’t Waste Any Time Getting Back to His Dark Hobby Following the Move, but Luckily Jay Is Able to Break out of The New Captive This Time.

The Brief Time We Spend with Each Prisoner in Hector’s House Makes It Hard to Tell if They Are the Same Person or If Ravi Has Been Kept There for Years as Punishment.

After Toby Found out Hector’s Secret, Hector Had to Clean House, and Ravi Was Probably Long Dead, but Co-Writer and Director Babak Anvari Revealed to Digital Spy that They Are Different Captives.

Toby and Lizzie Were in The Wrong Place at The Wrong Time, and Omid Was Scheduled to Replace His Previous Prisoner Before Lizzie Got Involved.

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What Does Toby Find in The Basement?

While Breaking Into Hector Blake’s House, Toby Discovers a Shocking Secret Behind a Steel Door in The Basement. We Don’t Immediately Learn What He Saw, but It Soon Becomes Evident that A Beaten and Injured Man Is Being Held Hostage in The Basement.

As the Story Progresses, We Learn that The Unidentified Inmate Is Actually a Stand-In for A Man Named Ravi, a Person from Hector’s Past.

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What Happens to Toby in I Came By?

They Travel to Hector’s Residence After Toby Anonymously Reports Something Suspicious There, but They Come up Empty. However, Toby Realises that The Man in Hector’s Basement Must Be Rescued, so He Breaks in And Takes the Initiative to Do So.

i came by ending explained

However, This Time Hector Is Aware of The Situation, and When Toby Attempts to Rescue the Captive Fail, Hector Kills Him.

It’s up To Lizzie to Figure out What Happened to Toby After He Mysteriously Disappears (his Mother Had No Idea That Her Son Was Murdered, His Body Tossed Into a Pottery Kiln, and His Ashes Flushed Down the Toilet).

Toby (with Jay’s Aid) Becomes Connected to Hector and Begins to Shadow Him in Search of Information. but Lizzie Is Playing with Fire, and Soon Hector Will Have More Targets than Just Toby.

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After Eliminating Omid, an Iranian Masseuse Who Knew Too Many of Hector’s Dirty Little Secrets, Hector Turns His Attention to Lizzie. when Hector Finally Acknowledges that Toby Is Dead, Lizzie Is Sickened to Find Herself Back in The Cellar Where He Was Slaughtered.

A Later Scene Depicts Lizzie’s Driver’s Licence Being Burned, Suggesting that She, Too, Met a Violent End.


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