Microsoft Rolls out Major Windows 11 2022 Update: Key Features, How To Upgrade

Microsoft rolls out major Windows 11 2022 update: Key features, how to upgrade

Microsoft has begun releasing Windows 11, a huge update that not only introduces a new naming scheme but also a slew of new features. Windows 11 2022 Release replaces 22H2 as the official name of Microsoft’s annual software update (the first two digits are the year, and the H2 denotes the second half).

According to a blog post, customers in 190 countries may now check for the new Windows 11 update by navigating to Settings > System > Windows update (located in the upper left corner of the screen). It won’t roll out to all computers for a few more weeks, but it will reach certain people soon.

The new version includes enhanced security features, the Amazon Game Pass for Windows 11, and an expanded Amazon Appstore Preview to international regions. Some of its most notable features are as follows:

The Windows 11 2022 update enhances in-built tools for increased efficiency. Such example, more grids, and layouts are available in Snap Layout. With Windows 11, released last year, users are able to snap open tabs to different parts of the screen by simply hovering over the minimize button in the top left corner.

More than 20,000 Android apps and games will soon be available on Windows 11 devices, as Microsoft has announced that it will be expanding the Amazon Appstore Preview to worldwide regions.

Improved accessibility features can be seen in Windows 11 2022. In Windows 11, there is a built-in feature called System Wide live caption that can create captions automatically for any audio file.

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In this preview, we introduce voice access, a new way to interact with a computer that can be used to do things like control programs and write text without ever lifting a finger.

-This revision will “substantially lower the download size for these massive Windows 11 feature updates,” as noted by The Verge. Microsoft predicts that most users of Windows 11 will see a decrease in download sizes of roughly 450 MB.

The business also expressed a desire to have Windows 11 updates released more frequently in an interview with the outlet. Microsoft is reportedly hard at work on Windows 12, according to rumors.

Microsoft announced in a blog post that an improved photo-management experience would be added to its Photos app. The enhanced gallery view will make it easier to search for specific images, organize and explore your whole collection, and share your work with others.

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Users can also select and copy dates and phone numbers to receive contextual suggestions like calling the number via Teams or Skype or marking the date as an event in the Calendar app.


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