Narco Saints Ending Explained: Get All You Need to Know About the Movie!

narco saints ending explained

A compelling Korean thriller, Narco-Saints is a six-part series available on Netflix that follows a regular businessman who is recruited to help bring down a Korean drug king in South America. You should add it to your queue of Netflix Korean dramas, but if you’ve found yourself here, you’re probably looking for explanations of the plot points.

Some of the events shown in the riveting series Narco-Saints are based on the true story of a Korean drug kingpin who ran a cocaine cartel in Suriname, South America, in the late 1990s.

Businessman Kang In-gu (Ha Jung-woo) teamed up with the National Intelligence Service (NIS) to find Korean drug boss Jeon Yo-hwan (Hwang Jung-min), which was a much easier task than it seems.

Still, what happened? Do you think the mission was a success? What Happens in the Final Episode of Netflix’s Narco-Saints…

Season One of Narco-Saints 2022: A Recap

Kang In-gu and his closest buddy Park Eungsoo decide to create a business after discovering that a variety of fish known as Skate, a delicacy to Korean taste, is being discarded in a little town called Suriname in South Africa.

However, Kang is hesitant to leave his family behind and put his trust in Park’s proposal despite their shared understanding that this is a practical and beneficial exchange. Kang’s wife is persistent in wanting to meet a certain Pastor of a church, and when they do, things quickly go downhill.

When Kang is arrested, the situation becomes quite dire. He’s been in this situation before and knows he needs to act fast, so he tries to bribe a police officer.

As the chief of the United States National Intelligence Service, Choi Chang-ho approaches him and asks for his help in capturing Pastor Jeon Yohan. He informs him that Pastor Yohan is actually a cocaine trafficker who has conquered Europe and who has been using Kang’s shipment to Korea as a trial run.

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When Kang discovers the identity of the Pastor and the cargo where drugs were found, he is shocked to learn that his best friend Park has been murdered.

Choi’s ultimate goal, meanwhile, is for Kang to persuade Pastor Yohan to bring the drugs through an American port where the DEA can make an arrest without hindrance from foreign authorities. Kang’s discovery of a turf battle involving the top personalities in South Africa in a small hamlet called Suriname sets in motion a chain of events.

As the chief meth dealer in Suriname’s Chinatown, Chen Jin is the pastor’s sworn adversary. Although Chen Jin and Kang had planned to deal cocaine at first, Pastor Yohan disallowed it on the grounds that the empire belonged to him and no one else.

Many deals are struck secretly throughout each episode. With bullets flying, blood being spilled, and crooked politicians always at the whim of a world superpower, the story’s direction changes minute by minute. the movie is available on Netflix to watch.

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What Exactly Happens to Kang In-Gu at The End of Narco-Saints?

When Narco-Saints ends, businessman In-gu has relocated his family back to South Korea, where he manages his auto repair company alongside his wife and two kids. Despite the dramatic circumstances that led to Yo-empire hwan’s dissolving, things appear to be proceeding as usual.

Chang-ho, the team commander for the National Intelligence Service (NIS), pays In-gu a visit to break the news that Yo-hwan has been arrested and that Chang-ho is aware of the baseball Yo-hwan gave In-gu before being intercepted and the truth being disclosed.

Yo-hwan supposedly demands the baseball back, saying that it is “the only authentic thing he owned.” However, Yo-hwan was notorious for giving out counterfeit souvenirs, so it is unclear whether or not the signed baseball was genuine and actually bore the signature of the real-life retired Korean baseball player Park Chan-ho.

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As the scenario closes, In-gu continues to stare at the baseball, leaving the truth up in the air. Is Yo-hwan sending a message in code that suggests he wants revenge by purchasing a real baseball for his collection?


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