Is Jonathan Groff Gay? Know More About His Life!

is jonathan groff gay

American actor and musician Jonathan Groff has a $5 million fortune. His most notable roles are as the lead in the Netflix series “Mindhunter” and as Kristoff in the “Frozen” film series. Jonathan Groff entered the world on March 5, 1985, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Groff’s fame stems not only from his work in film and TV but also from his stage performances. At the tender age of 22, he was recognized for his performance as Melchior Gabor in the Broadway hit Spring Awakening and nominated for a Tony Award.

He starred in two off-Broadway productions that earned him an Obie Award: Prayer for My Enemy and The Singing Forest. He has also been seen in the recent Deathtrap revival on London’s West End.

It wasn’t until 2004 when he made his debut screen appearance, in the TV show Pilot Season. In 2007, Groff portrayed Henry Mackler in the daytime drama One Life to Live. He played the lead role of Jesse St. James on Glee from 2010 to 2012, and then that of Ian Todd on Boss in 2012.

He played Patrick Murray on the NBC drama series Looking for two seasons, 2014–2015. Groff’s film credits include leading roles in American Sniper, The Conspirator, and Taking Woodstock. Groff received the 2014 NewNowNext Award for Best New Television Actor. As a Glee cast member, he has also had a number of singles achieve chart success.

Who Is Jonathan Groff’s Boyfriend?

Jonathan’s relationship with Corey Baker, his boyfriend, began that year (2018). The two of them had the chance to work together at the same summer camp for musical theatre in Christchurch.

New Zealand-born choreographer Corey. They’re still together, but they don’t talk much about their private lives.

He Also Dated Zachary Quinto

Jonathan and his boyfriend, actor Zachary Quinto, came out as a couple in 2012. American actor and director Zachary is a household name. However, despite their initial excitement at being together, the couple eventually broke up.

The couple made the announcement of their split in 2013. Both parties had hectic schedules, and the physical separation didn’t help the relationship last. Despite the breakup of their romance, their friendship endures.

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Jonathan Groff’s Previous Relationships

In October 2009, Jonathan Groff announced his homosexuality to the world. A reporter in Washington, DC, asked Jonathan if he was gay when he was at the National Equality March. Despite his initial reluctance, the actor went on to correct the record and serve as a role model for millions.

Fans may be startled to learn that Jonathan started dating actor/singer Gavin Creel in 2009 before he publicly came out. They tried to work things out, but by 2010 they had chosen to go their own ways.

A few months later, it was reported that openly gay actor Zachary Quinto was dating Jonathan Groff. Groff soon after confirmed their connection, saying that he and his girlfriend were “over the moon” about their newfound love.

But the good times couldn’t last forever, and in 2013, the couple decided to part ways. The publication US Weekly afterward speculated that the potential breakup had to do with the partners’ conflicting schedules.

During the first several months of 2018, Jonathan moved to New Zealand with his mom to work at the Christchurch International Musical Theatre Summer School.

Jonathan met Corey Baker, a choreographer, at his new work, and the two hit it off like it was written in the stars. Interestingly, because both guys were still living at home with their mothers, they had to keep their relationship a secret.

Corey claims that he and Jonathan were able to cultivate a good relationship and mutual understanding because they didn’t immediately broadcast their romance to the world. They were a picture-perfect couple, but keeping up with a long-distance relationship proved challenging.

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In a later podcast titled “Move Beyond Words: Corey Baker,” the New Zealand choreographer discussed the impact on his mental health throughout the breakup. As a result, in 2020 the pair will be going their separate ways.


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