YouTube Announces New Ways for Creators to Make Money Through Shorts

YouTube announces new ways for creators to make money through Shorts

YouTube has revealed that Shorts will be able to earn money in the near future, with creators receiving 45% of the total. To those who rely on YouTube as a source of revenue, this is a major update. With long-form videos, creators can earn money from advertising, but this isn’t the case with shorts.

Money is given out from a YouTube “fund” called Shorts to video makers who have made viral content. That, however, is not the same as a passive revenue source.

YouTube is increasing the requirements to join the YouTube Partner Program and is also beginning to monetize Shorts. This will make it easier for more authors to meet the criteria necessary to monetize both long- and short-form material.

Learn more about the YouTube Shorts monetization timeline and who will be able to get paid for their work in this article.

Profiting from YouTube Videos with Fewer than 10 Minutes of Actual Content

It is expected that YouTube Partner Program creators will be able to earn money off of their Shorts films somewhere in the first half of 2023. Ads that play between videos in the Shorts feed will provide creators with a revenue stream.

Ad money from the Shorts stream will be pooled and distributed to creators at the end of each month.

The creators will keep 45% of the money split between them and the platform based on their share of total views of Shorts.

We think this is a novel way to compensate creators and provide additional motivation for the entire community to support Shorts.

Payouts to contributors are proportional to the amount of advertising income generated by Shorts within a given calendar month.

On paper, this appears to be a slick strategy for unifying the YouTube community behind Shorts, which is exactly what YouTube needs to do to advance ahead of competitors like TikTok.

YouTube claims that its income-sharing mechanism is more sustainable in the long run than the Shorts fund.

Because this strategy was developed with longevity in mind, we anticipate that most recipients of the Shorts Fund will see an increase in their earnings. The revenue-sharing mechanism that has boosted the creative economy and given creators a stake in the platform’s success is being expanded, rather than a fixed amount.

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Expanding YouTube Partner Program Eligibility

Creators need to be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program before they can start earning money from their Shorts videos.

YouTube announces new ways for creators to make money through Shorts

YouTube is modifying its Partner Program eligibility requirements in an effort to expand its roster of Shorts-focused creators.

The YouTube Partner Program will be open to creators who have at least 1,000 subscribers and 10 million views on their Shorts in the last 90 days beginning in early 2023.

With the new policy in place, creators who don’t typically release long-form videos will still be able to join the Partner Program.

At the time this update goes live, YouTube’s current requirements of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours will continue to stand.

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In early 2023, YouTube plans to reduce the bar for fan funding, allowing creators outside of the Partner Program to earn money from ad and in-app sales. When the changes are closer to being released, more information will be made available.


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