Honk for Jesus Ending Explained: Know More About the Movie!

honk for jesus ending explained

Be a Christian and honk your horn. To avert spiritual ruin, please. has a “mockumentary” tone for the most part, until suddenly it doesn’t. Lee-Curtis (Sterling K. Brown) and Trinitie Childs (Regina Hall), formerly respected members of the community, are filmed as they go about their daily lives.

Their Southern Baptist Megachurch and their most devoted followers have been destroyed. How? This, indeed, is a scandal of epic proportions, one that has shaken their entire society.

Indications that Lee Curtis had an extramarital affair initially become apparent. Things with his flings turn out to be considerably more sinister than we had originally thought.

But in an effort to make a comeback, the Childs will launch their new megachurch on Easter Sunday. Those pesky Sumpters keep getting in their way.

To address questions about Trinitie and Lee Curtis, you have Shukura (Nicole Beharie) and Keon Sumpter (Conphidance), a youthful and energetic pair who talk about forgiveness and religion with a Cheshire cat smile.

While they play a nice game about their faith’s total humanity, we shouldn’t forget that the Old Testament contains verses about detecting the odour of blood.

The Childs’ conceit is captured on tape as they serve as the first couple of a Southern Baptist megachurch. Especially Lee Curtis, who is determined to succeed, but whose air of superiority grows with each passing day.

We also witness a bewildered Trinitie who has doubts about God, her husband, and their spiritual beliefs. The situation is made clearer by two off-camera events involving the pair. Trinitie has a hard time putting on a sexual performance when he tries to start things off.

The other time is when he flirts with a young camera operator on set and offers to help him go ahead in the industry. That while extending a hand to touch the man’s face. They are interrupted by Trinitie. Disappointed, the young man walks away. Since they are so close to their objective, she scolds Lee Curtis for trying to rein in his excitement.

Ending Explained

Trinitie acts the part of the faithful wife by supporting her Christian husband. She must, however, reconcile her religious convictions and mental health while facing the criticism, gossip, and shame surrounding her husband’s scandal.

Sabina, Trinitie’s mother, recalls that her daughter continued turning to the Bible in her hopes of finding marital bliss. For how many hours have you been working on this? The phrase “till I buried him, baby” comes to mind.

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In the end, we learn the tragic reason for the Childs’ downfall. Khalil, a young man, gets it off the car and confronts Lee Curtis, despite the Trinitie’s hot pursuit; she desperately reminds him that he signed a secrecy agreement as part of the settlement.

We learn that the Reverend had illicit contact with Khalil and that he was underage, as deduced from details of the young man’s words about how much he needed Lee Curtis at the time, as his tears change to manic laughing as a means of coping with the trauma.

The man, true to his word, committed a heinous crime against a minor by channeling the strength of his faith and conviction in God.

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As Faith Is Commercialised

It’s possible that LC and Trinitie’s beginnings might be traced back to their firm conviction in the words of the Bible. Or maybe they only became Christians because they thought it was the “social” thing to do.

Whatever the case may be, members of a religious community can expect to find support, solace, and meaning in their participation. All too frequently, though, the pastor gets a high from the financial contributions of the faithful members of his church.

As the pastor of a big congregation, LC takes great pride in his ability to afford designer clothes and cars, including a Bugatti and a wardrobe that would make Lady Gaga blush. It’s obvious that he’s pocketing some of the money.

honk for jesus ending explained

But LC soon finds out that business dealings aren’t always kind. LC and Trinitie try to persuade the young pastors and the opening of their newest site to move from Easter to a different day when Keon (Conphidance) and Shakura Sumpter (Nicole Beharie) upset their plans at a revival.

At first, the pair says no, but when LC and Trinitie advance their own revival by a week before Easter, Keon and Shakura do the same, saying they didn’t know about LC’s shift and that they’re simply doing it to help their revival on Easter.

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The Sumpters are obviously engaging in psychological warfare and understood exactly what they were doing. They’ve risen to power on campus and are determined to stop any donations from going to the WTGP church. This behavior is unworthy of the name of Christ. However, the business must be done.


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