Is Giovanni Pernice Gay? Know More About His Life!

is giovanni pernice gay

As of the year 2022, Giovanni Pernice will be 32 years old, having been born on September 5th, 1990. He was born and raised in Sicily, Italy, in a family that was part of the working class. He professes his faith in Christianity and hails from Italy; nonetheless, his nationality is Italian.

Although he has finished his education in Italy, the specifics of his high schooling, graduation, and post-graduation are not readily available in the public domain. He completed his education in Italy.

When he was fourteen years old, Pernice uprooted his family and came to Bologna from Sicily. He intended to pursue dance on a professional level. He is widely recognized as an authority on the Latin style of dancing, which he performs.

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Is Giovanni Pernice Gay?

There are a lot of people that enjoy spreading stories about the sexual orientation of famous people. There is another famous person on the list, and his name is Giovanni Pernice.

To finally address the issue at hand We do not know if Giovanni Pernice was homosexual, straight, or bisexual; therefore, we cannot answer the question “is Giovanni Pernice gay.”

Giovanni Pernice Wife

Given that Giovanni Pernice has not yet tied the knot. In this section, we talked about some of his previous relationships. Giovanni, who had recently been divorced, had been seeing Maura Higgins from Love Island, but the couple’s romance of four months came to an end in October 2021.

When he announced the dissolution of his relationship with her on Instagram, he also said that “great relationships with wonderful people can come to a natural conclusion.” He reassured her that there was no bad blood between them.

Before meeting up with the Love Island fan favourite, Giovanni dated Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts when they first bonded in 2018, when she made an appearance on Strictly. This was before he began dating the fan favourite on Love Island.

The actress Georgia May Foote, who starred in the series Corrie in 2015, was a former love interest of his. The fact that the couple came in second place in the Strictly Come Dancing final demonstrates that their love surely helped them improve their dancing.

However, in 2016, they decided to end their relationship, citing their rigorous responsibilities as the cause of their growing disunity. In addition, Katie McGlynn, a competitor on this season of Strictly Come Dancing, has some sort of connection to Giovanni.

Despite the fact that none one of them addressed the rumours. However, it appears that Giovanni Pernice is not married and that he is still a single man at this time.

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Giovanni Pernice is well known to viewers of Strictly Come Dancing thanks to his great career as a dancer, which propelled him to the forefront of public attention. The celebrity, who was born in Sicily, relocated to Bologna so that he could focus on his dancing career, and he became a professional dancer after seeing the television show Come Dancing.

is giovanni pernice gay

In 2012, he was victorious at the Italian Open Championship, one of several of his dance-related accomplishments.

In 2015, for the thirteenth season of Strictly Come Dancing, Giovanni made his first appearance on the show, dancing with Georgia May Foote, a former cast member of Coronation Street.

The duo advanced to the final round and tied for second place with Kellie Bright and her professional partner, Kevin Clifton. Both teams were able to win a prize. To put that into perspective, how much money does Giovanni make as a result of his success in dancing? Let’s have a peek…

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The Amount of Money Owned by Giovanni Pernice.

According to the website Net Worth and Salary, Giovanni has a net worth of one million dollars (about 726,000 pounds). Between the years 2007 and 2014, Giovanni competed in a variety of youth and adult contests.

The star is well known for its dancing, and in addition to that, they have 541,000 followers across all of its social media platforms. In addition to his employment as a dancer and model, the celebrity also occasionally engages in commercial endorsements on his many social media platforms.

After dating for four months, Maura and Giovanni suddenly deleted all evidence of each other from their respective social media sites, which led to speculation that the couple’s relationship was on the rise until it ended abruptly.

After that, Maura stopped following the Italian dancer on Instagram, and since then, she has been concentrating on moving house.

It comes as sources have claimed that the “Strictly curse” has struck again with the former pair, who were supposed to have moved in together prior to their breakup. This news comes at the same time as the claims.

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An insider claimed that their romance had “hit the rocks” just days into their new journey, with Giovanni spending so much time in the training studio with Rose Ayling-Ellis that it was causing friction between them. This is despite the fact that they appear to be in a loving relationship in the selfies that they post on Instagram.

“It is finished for the time being. Maura is beyond heartbroken; it would appear that the Strictly curse has reared its ugly head once more.”


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