Is Strictly Karen Gay? Know More About Her Life!

is strictly karen gay

Jayde Adams of Strictly Come Dancing sheds light on the meaningful rationale behind same-sex partnerships. Jayde Adams has revealed the heartfelt rationale behind her decision to dance with a partner of the same gender on Strictly Come Dancing.

On Friday’s premiere program, it was announced that the comedian will be competing with professional dancer Karen Hauer. Hauer, who has competed in previous seasons with male partners Mark Wright and Jamie Laing, has previously advanced to the final round.

Jayde competed in disco dance competitions as a child, often partnering with her sister, who subsequently passed away. A moment of culmination occurs when one returns to the dancing with a female partner in tow.

Both of them will face a new hurdle in this series because they will be dancing together as a same-sex pair. Adams has spoken to Digital Spy and other media outlets about the connection that she shares with Karen.

She stated, “I believe my connection with Karen is more about sisters.” [Citation needed] “And if you’re involved in the world of dance like I was when I was a kid, you’ll know that all-girl and all-male pairings are a quite typical occurrence.

It is clear that this is a recent development in both of these dance competitions, the one that is held in the United States and the one that is held in Australia; nonetheless, I believe that the world is evolving, and as a result, this does not strike me as odd in any way. It is something that appears to be perfectly normal.”

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She went on to say, “Also, to be completely forthright with you, if I were in a male partnership, show me one of the guys that’s lifting me.” I’m going to be able to spin Karen Hauer around that dance floor now that I’ve learned this move.

is strictly karen gay

It doesn’t matter to me whether she goes above my head! [laughing] I used to be the base when I danced with my sister, and one of my favorite things to do was to lift her. In fact, the last time I danced was with my sister, so this will feel very natural to me. I cannot wait to lift her because when I danced with my sister, I was the base, and I lifted her all the time.

“Obviously all my lot, I cannot tell you the level of excitement all of the drag queens and all of my gays – they are all so delighted for me,” she said. “Obviously all my lot” refers to all of her friends. I’m going to invite a few of them to join us here on the couch to watch the show with us.”

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The comedian has also discussed how the other contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race assisted her in concealing the fact that she would be competing on Strictly until the BBC was ready to make the announcement.


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