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How to Make a Cent Sign on A Keyboard? Know More!

The cent sign () is used to indicate a certain number of cents in quantities less than $1 when writing about U.S. money. A cent sign is a common symbol, available on keyboards for Android and iOS smartphones and most computers running Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS. A cent sign may be found online and copied and pasted into a message or document if all else fails.

Cent Sign and Unicode

Commonly used in pricing lists and promotions for quantities less than $1, the cent sign represents the word cents. You may express the value of 52 cents in a number of different ways, including 52 cents () and fifty-two cents (). Similarly sized units in other currencies, such as the Mexican centavo, utilize it as well.

Instead of conducting a cents-to-dollars conversion with a leading zero number of dollars, it is generally simpler to indicate a value in cents using the cent sign. Unfortunately, most keyboards don’t have a dedicated key for the cent sign, therefore it must be entered in another way.

Unicode, the worldwide standard for digital text representation, includes it, however. This means that computers, smartphones, and other digital devices may all use them correctly. This implies that the cent symbol may be shown on most current equipment and that digital methods exist for entering it.

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Cent Sign on Microsoft Windows

The Alt code for the cents sign, a numeric code typed while holding down the Alt key, allows you to enter the symbol for a cent in most Windows applications.

Simply press the Alt key and the number 0162 to get the cent sign.

If you need to insert a cent sign or any other symbol and don’t know the corresponding Alt code, the Windows Character Map tool can help you out. Click the search bar in the Start Menu or on the taskbar, enter “Character Map,” and then choose the software from the list that appears.

You may use the search bar or the scroll bar to look through the list of glyphs. Take use of the given tools to cut and paste the character into another application.

You may also use an online search engine like Google or Bing to look for the symbol you want and then copy and paste its name.

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Cent Sign on Apple macOS

On Apple macOS, you may use a special keyboard shortcut to quickly enter a cent symbol. Press the number 4 while holding down the Option key on your keyboard. The dollar symbol ($) is also shown on that key, which may aid in associating it with American cash.

Use Apple’s Character Viewer to input any character when you don’t know the keyboard shortcut. Bring it up by hitting the Space Bar while holding down the Control and Command keys in the spot where you wish to enter the symbol.

Use the search bar or the list to locate the desired icon inside the menu. To add the desired symbol to your document, just click on it. A symbol may be used again and again by simply reopening the Character Viewer or by copying and pasting it.

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Cent Sign on Smart Phones

The cent symbol is usually located on the number 9 key on iOS and Android keyboards.

Currency symbols, such as the cent sign, may be accessed by holding down the $ key on the virtual keyboard of iOS and Android smartphones. Select the appropriate monetary icon by tapping the cent or dollar sign.

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