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Lou Movie Ending Explained: Get All You Want to Know!

Lou Movie Ending Explained: Get All You Want to Know!

The latest action-drama on Netflix, “Lou,” isn’t much more than a passable watch thanks to its formulaic narrative, lackluster acting, and generic language. Nothing new or interesting occurs in this narrative, which is a retelling of the classic tale of a retired widow who helps her young neighbor search for her lost daughter.

Even though the picture combines the thrills of espionage action with a story about strained relationships from the past, neither the story nor the action are memorable.

‘Lou’ Plot Summary: What Is the Film About?

Lou, the film’s heroine, is a lonely old lady who spends her days in a cottage by the woods on Orcas Island. Lou is a reclusive hunter who often goes out in the field even when it’s not hunting season, accompanied alone by her trusty dog Jax.

lou movie ending explained She has a young female neighbor called Hannah who rents space on Lou’s property with her daughter Vee. Having left her husband Philip and moving in with her sister-in-law Vee, Hannah is keen on developing her relationship with Lou.

On the other hand, Lou prefers to maintain her distance, limiting her interactions with Hannah to a rent reminder and avoiding Vee altogether.

The film’s action begins on the morning of the day a dangerous storm is expected to strike Orcas Island, and early that day, Lou can be seen piling things into a pile. She goes to the bank in town, pulls out her whole savings, and heads back to her apartment with the cash.

In addition, she is shown unearthing documents and images; some of the documents even include writing in Farsi, suggesting that the nation of Iran may have some previous connection to Lou.

But now that Lou has decided she no longer wants to partake in any of these activities, she has locked Jax in a room and burned all the related documents and images. Lou calmly sits down with her gun, lays out a note for Hannah on the table, and is ready to take her own life.

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Hannah and Vee have a strong relationship, but Hannah’s little daughter is still waiting for her father to return from a great trip she has been told he is on, based on what she has heard from her mother.

Hannah had told the rest of the neighborhood that her husband Philip had passed away two or three years before, even though she knew otherwise. A woman and her little daughter are getting ready for bed as night comes and the island is hit by a fierce storm, but just as they turn out the lights, the power goes out.

When Hannah rushes outside to investigate, she discovers a vehicle with a dead guy inside. Because this guy is Chris, Hannah’s new boyfriend, she quickly recognizes the danger. She runs home, only to find no one there, and goes to Lou’s, where she arrives just as Lou is about to take her own life.

As if she hadn’t been involved in the entire thing, Hannah begs Lou to intervene and safeguard her kid from her returning vindictive husband.

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‘Lou’ Ending Explained: Is Lou Dead?

Lou stays behind to battle her son, Philip gets up to the two ladies, and Hannah and Vee escape unharmed. The CIA chopper is getting closer as the mother and son have a huge quarrel.

While Lou is apologizing to Philip, Philip loses it and clings to his mother while crying; the CIA shoots him in the back. It seems that Lou is also hit by gunfire, as he and the pilot both fall into the water and are swept out to sea.

After Lou’s death, Hannah inherited her home and her fortune, and to this day, she is still being questioned by two government authorities regarding Lou’s disappearance and possible whereabouts.

Hannah says she doesn’t know anything and is then spotted leaving on a boat towards Seattle. She’s traveling with her daughter Vee and Lou’s dog Jax, who is now considered a family member. First, Jax looks quite interested in someone on the ship, and then, in the closing moments, an old lady is seen observing Hannah and Vee via binoculars.

It is clear that this is really Lou; we cannot see her face, but the telltale signs of arthritis in her fingers and a distinctive bracelet on her wrist are enough to identify her.

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After all, Lou is Philip’s mother, and her son faked his own death at one point, so it seems to reason that she would do the same to keep the CIA at bay while acting as a protective figure for her son’s wife and granddaughter.


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