Marcia Gay Harden Hopes for Her Gay 13-year-old Son, Hudson: Is Also Gay?


Marcia Gay Harden frequents many famous gatherings as an actor.

But she felt particularly moved by the Impact Awards presented by the Family Equality Council earlier this month: Hudson, Harden’s gay 13-year-old son, is a spokesperson for LGBTQ families for the non-profit.

At the event, Harden told Us Weekly, “The subject is dear to me.

I have a gay son. I simply want to see to it that he has access to a family when he wants one.

Harden is the most recent person to step out in support of her LGBTQ child.

Raising her lesbian son Sam Greisman was “one of the great privileges” of Sally Field’s life, she wrote in a 2014 open letter.

(Field just attempted to pair Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, 30, with 30-year-old Greisman!)

Despite being a devout Mormon, Marie Osmond would not change a thing about her openly homosexual daughter, Jessica.

She said to Diane Sawyer in 2013 that the God she believed in was “a god of love, not terror.”

“As a mother, I support [my daughter’s] civil rights. I believe that my daughter is entitled to all she wants in life. She is a nice girl. She is a lovely young lady.

I don’t believe God only created one type of flower. I believe he made lots.

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Is Marcia Harden Gay?

Even though Marcia Harden is a fervent advocate for both her son and the LGBT community, the question of whether or not she considers herself to be a member of the LGBT community herself has not been answered.


This is even though Marcia Harden is an outspoken advocate for both her son and the LGBT community.

Even though Marcia Harden is a vocal advocate of both her son and the LGBT community, this has come to pass.

Marcia Gay Harden’s Personal Life

Marcia Gay Harden was an American actress who was known for her ability to play a wide variety of parts in cinema, onstage, and on television.

She was active in the entertainment industry for a significant portion of her life.

She was born on August 14, 1959, in the city of La Jolla, which is located in the state of California, in the country of the United States of America.

Harden was born in Texas, but because her father was a naval commander in the United States Navy, she spent much of her childhood living in other countries, including Japan, Germany, Italy, and Greece.

She started her training in the theatre when then was living in Europe, and she went on to study drama at the University of Texas (from where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1980) and at New York University after that (M.F.A., 1988).

Harden began her career as an actress in Washington, D.C., where she received nominations for the Helen Hayes Awards in 1985 and 1986 for her performances in the Beth Henley plays Crimes of the Heart and The Miss Firecracker Contest, respectively.

In 1985, she won the award for her role in Crimes of the Heart.

In 1986, she won the award for her role in The Miss Firecracker Contest.

She was given the award in 1985 for the role that she played in Crimes of the Heart.

Marcia Gay Harden’s Career

Harden’s first acting gig was a little part in the thriller The Imagemaker, which was hardly ever seen (1986).


She received praise for both her portrayal of Ava Gardner in the biographical TV miniseries Sinatra and for her role as the tough-talking girlfriend of a mobster in Joel and Ethan Coen’s Miller’s Crossing (1990).

(1992). She spent the following years mixing guest roles in TV series with performances in mostly unimportant films because her film career did not take off.

In the drama Crush (1992) and The Spitfire Grill, she portrayed a simple-minded waitress and a cunning seductress, respectively (1996).

Harden kept performing onstage, and in 1993 she made her Broadway debut in Tony Kushner’s play Angels in America as the tormented wife of a gay Mormon lawyer.

For her performance, she received a Tony Award nomination.

Later, Harden starred opposite Robin Williams in the comedy The First Wives Club (1996) and Flubber (1997), as well as the drama Meet Joe Black (1998), which was largely inspired by Death, Takes a Holiday (1934), and Clint Eastwood’s action thriller Space Cowboys (2000).

The biopic Pollock (2000), in which Harden portrayed the talented artist Lee Krasner, wife of Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock, won the Academy Award for best-supporting actress.

Later, Harden made brief cameos in Gaudi Afternoon (2001) and King of Texas (2002, a television film based on Shakespeare’s King Lear starring Patrick Stewart).

She also appeared in the brief TV series The Education of Max Bickford alongside Richard Dreyfuss (2001–02).

In Eastwood’s Mystic River, Harden was nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of the character played by Tim Robbins’ wife (2003).

She went on to star in movies including Bad News Bears (2005), The Hoax (2006), Into the Wild (2007), and The Mist, a horror thriller directed by Lasse Hallström (2007).

She also appears in 2015, 2017, and 2018 film versions of E.L. James’ pornographic novel series Fifty Shades of Grey.

Harden continued to make appearances on television during this time, and for her work in a recurrent guest role (2005–13) in the show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, she was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2007.

She was nominated for another Emmy for her work as the title character’s mother in the television film The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler, which was portrayed by Anna Paquin (2009).

She won a Tony Award in 2009 for her leading role in God of Carnage (2009–10).

In the television shows The Newsroom (2013–2014) and How to Get Away with Murder (2015–2016), Harden played recurring roles.

Later, she portrayed a character in the medical drama series Code Black (2015–18).


2019 marked the premiere of The Morning Show, in which Harden played a reporter, and the true-crime television film Love You to Death, in which she starred.

She was subsequently cast in Barkskins (2020), a limited series based on the same-named book by Annie Proulx.

Harden portrayed a socialite whose husband left her for a much younger lady in the comedy series Uncoupled (2022-).

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Ikebana is a form of Japanese flower arranging that Harden does. Her mother studied it when they lived in Japan.

On The Martha Stewart Show in 2007, she conducted a brief tutorial and showcased some of her family’s artistic creations.

The Seasons of My Mother: A Memoir of Love, Family, and Flowers were published in May 2018.

The book describes the relationship between a mother and daughter over time and how they cope with their greatest challenge to date—her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease.

For this book, Harden particularly produced ikebana pieces to depict the various seasons of her mother’s life.


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