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Oxenfree Game Is Free to Download for Netflix Subscribers

Oxenfree made its debut on the personal computer more than six years ago, and it arrived on iOS and Android more than five years ago. Now, Netflix is making the game accessible for free to everyone who has a subscription to its streaming service.

The updated “Netflix Edition” of the game is now available for download on the iOS and Android app stores and may be obtained starting today. Support for increased localization is one of the new features included in this version of Oxenfree.

To sum it all up, you can play the game with subtitles in more than 30 different languages at this point.

The fact that Oxenfree was developed in-house makes it a particularly noteworthy addition to Netflix’s ever-expanding library of video games. In 2017, the business made the acquisition of the Oxenfree creator Night School Studio.

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Netflix is pushing on with its gaming aspirations despite the fact that users don’t seem to have much interest in the matter. On September 27th, the business will release Desta: The Memories Between, the most recent project from the developer Ustwo, which was responsible for Monument Valley.

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In addition to that, it dropped hints that the highly renowned video game Kentucky Route Zero will “soon” also be made accessible for free.

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