How Software Upgrades Can Improve Our Wearables

How Software Upgrades Can Improve Our Wearables

Smartwatches, like our phones, become better over time with the help of software upgrades. An improved user experience was released alongside the new Apple Watch Ultra with the release of watchOS 9.0.1, a software update developed specifically for the watch.

This is an indication that Apple and other companies will use software updates to further develop and refine their wearables in the future.

The Apple Watch is a complicated computer that can be worn on the wrist, so software upgrades are to be expected, according to Ben Wood, chief analyst at CCS Insight, who spoke with us via email.

It’s not always about installing software patches or security updates, which is why some users may find day-one updates bothersome. It’s possible that Apple may provide updates that enhance the product.

An Important Fix

Even after a device has left the factory, businesses like Apple may continue to enhance it through software upgrades, which can solve bugs that weren’t found during testing.

With the proliferation of sensors and features in wearables, updates become as crucial as they are for smartphones to maintain a favorable consumer experience, particularly on the day of release.

Apple has identified a potential issue with watchOS 9.0.1 that may affect users of the brand-new Apple Watch Ultra.

Unfortunately for a wearable gadget that boasts saving lives via features like traffic accident detection and automatic calls to emergency services, Apple Watch Ultra users would have been unable to use their devices’ telephone capabilities without downloading the latest update.

However, unlike other watchOS releases, no known security patches are included in this version.

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There Is a Lot More to Come.

While it’s true that fixing bugs and ensuring a secure system is essential for any computer, the inclusion of new and enhanced functionality is what makes software upgrades a crucial element of the wristwatch ownership experience.

Apple’s most current operating system, watchOS 9, supports the Apple Watch Series 4. Updates to this product, which first hit shelves in September 2018, have brought forth a slew of enhancements including a brand-new app, enhanced workouts, fresh watch faces, and more.

Older watches can take use of the new capabilities introduced in watchOS 9 because of the constant stream of software upgrades. Apple has also hinted at future updates, suggesting even more functionality may be on the way.

But Apple isn’t the only business that releases software upgrades to make its wearables better. Manufacturers like OnePlus and others deserve praise as well.

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Some people can’t fathom the thought of purchasing a conventional watch since they know it won’t become better with time way a smartwatch would, owing to software upgrades.

A number of professionals, however, have cautioned against relying only on software upgrades because of the potential for unintended consequences.

A hospital in Leeds, UK that treats young patients with diabetes, tweeted that users shouldn’t set their phone or wristwatch to automatically install software upgrades without their knowledge or consent since doing so might render smart blood glucose monitors inoperable.

Instead, he informed her, they should wait for the all-clear sign before committing to anything romantic.

Wood said, “Obviously, it’s a wonderful contrast to a classic mechanical watch,” adding, “software upgrades are a part of life on most consumer electronics products and the Apple Watch is no different.”

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That’s a crucial point for both new and seasoned Apple Watch purchasers. For decades, new capabilities have been added to electronic devices via software upgrades. The same holds true for Apple Watches.

Buyers get the benefits of continually improving wearables during the years of ownership thanks to software upgrades like watchOS 9 and day-one updates for new models like the Apple Watch Ultra.


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