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Loki Ending Explained: Know All You Want!

Loki Ending Explained: Know All You Want!

Episode 6 of Loki not only provided a fittingly epic conclusion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe series, but it also did an excellent job of setting up both season 2 of Loki and the franchise’s larger future.

The viewer saw the new “main” Loki version learn about the nature of the universe, the Sacred Timeline, and the Time Variance Authority throughout the course of the first season’s six episodes. Meanwhile, the program gradually became evident that the TVA wasn’t exactly what it first looked to be.

The solution to this riddle is revealed in the conclusion of the story about Loki, in which he and the Lady Loki variant Sylvie meet He Who Remains, the inventor of the TVA and the creator of the Sacred Timeline.

He Who Remains quickly explains that he created both of these things in order to stop a war that was taking place across the multiverse. Sylvie decides to kill He Who Remains despite the fact that she has warned the protagonists that doing so will result in one of He Who Remains’ other incarnations taking his place.

As a result, the conclusion of the show reveals that the Marvel villain Kang is now in control of the TVA and, by extension, the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline.

The conclusion of Loki season 1 successfully weaves large themes like effectively establishing the universe with the personal development of its key characters, which results in a denouement that is both fulfilling and sets up an incredible lot for the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It is fair to say that the climax of the Disney+ drama Loki was anything from a dull experience, as it included new villains, new heroes, and an entire event that changed the universe.

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Why Sylvie Kills Kang

It is possible that Sylvie’s decision to eliminate the Kang variant known as He Who Remains is the single most significant event that takes place in Loki episode 6; this is because it paves the way for the well-known Marvel villain to take his place in the timeline and causes the multiverse to reform in the Marvel Cinematic Universe once more.

Given that Sylvie is aware that murdering He Who Remains might have the potential to have a cataclysmic impact and start another universe war, it is also a choice that many people may see as being an odd one.

Having said that, the little details that have been revealed on Sylvie’s history provide a sufficient justification for her choice. Sylvie was removed from her timeline when she was a little kid, and she spent the whole of her existence being led to think that she was flawed due to the fact that she was a variation.

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She also spends that whole period — which might be as much as 2,000 years, considering that she admits that she is older than Loki — on the run from various adversaries.

The realization that this was not the case, and that she was merely a different version of the “Sacred” version of Loki – a version that was removed from her home and threatened with death solely because He Who Remains believed that other timelines posed a threat – is without a doubt a disheartening piece of information to uncover.

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In light of this information, her intention to murder him is probably motivated in part by a desire for retribution, and it is also motivated in part by a desire to provide other people the opportunity to have the kind of life that she wished she had.


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