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How Do I Make a Spacehey layout? How Can Spacehey’s Layout Be Changed?

How Do I Make a Spacehey layout? How Can Spacehey’s Layout Be Changed?

Spacehey lets you change HTML, but you can only change the font, theme, and header or footer images as a whole.

  • Copy your favorite fonts, graphics for the header and footer, and a good theme that fits the space.
  • Add the HTML codes to the parts of your profile that need them.
  • The look of your site will change a lot if you add or change colors, fonts, and themes.

How Do I Change the Spacehey Layout?

To change a Spacehey layout, you need to do the things listed below.

  • Visit the Edit your profile page after signing into your account.
  • Once you have reached the necessary area, you must begin inserting HTML/CSS tags onto your selected profile layouts.
  • By selecting your preferred font or size from the available options, you can easily change your space’s size, shape, and font.
  • Next, make the necessary header, footer, and color adjustments.
  • By changing the font size in the HTML code, you may adjust your H1 to H5 and paragraph sizes.
  • By modifying the color bar, you can also change the color of your room.
  • If there is something in the selected modifications that you don’t like, you can manually edit those changes.
  • Click the Save Profile icon to preserve the changes made in this section.

How Do I Make a Spacehey layout

How Can Spacehey’s Layout Be Changed?

You can see the changes by cutting and pasting the Google or other site’s layout style, font, theme, and word size into your Spacehey account.

You must copy and paste your needs into the right places on your Spacehey profile.

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How Does the Spacehey Layout Generator Work?

You can utilize Spacehey in conjunction with the generic profile editor from Neocities, found at https://genericprofileeditor.neocities.org.

You can quickly change the appearance of your Spacehey site by entering all your specifications into this generator.

From changing the body style to making any other adjustments, it is simple to sketch them in this area and save them for later.

Layout Codes for Spacehey?

To your Spacehey profile page, add the layout codes from any of your preferred Spacehey layout-generating browsers. Additionally, you may test out a few layouts at https://layouts.spacehey.com/.

How Do I Make a Spacehey layout

How Do I Change the Background on Spacehey?

You only need to use a Spacehey generator to refer to the color and style of the background you want. After adding HTML or CSS codes to your profile and saving it, you will need to keep it again to see the changes you have made.

How Do I Change the Typeface in Spacehey?

In that order, the font shows up right before the header sizes H1 through H5. You can add or change your preferences by adding them up by hand, copying and pasting the HTML or CSS code, or doing both.


If you like My Space, you’ll love Spacehey even more. It’s a lot like My Space in a lot of ways.

You can change the way Spacehey looks by changing the HTML and CSS codes that make it work.

Make an effort to make these changes so that you can stand out from the other performers at the venue.


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