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In DC’s Most Recent Comic, Superman Comes Out as Bisexual: is He Gay?

I never anticipated seeing Superman in a comic book strip giving another man a passionate kiss while donning his well-known red and blue suit.

My gay gasp was so loud that, if not on Krypton, then at least in Metropolis.

The news sparked some internet uproar, as it does whenever a classic superhero changes.

However, as popular culture has increased the media portrayal of LGBTQ people throughout time, such critical voices are no longer the majority.

On Monday, October 11, National Coming Out Day, Jonathan Kent, the new Superman and son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, the original Superman, came out as bisexual.

The complete narrative will be revealed in November’s fifth issue of the comic book’s most recent series, “Superman: Son of Kal-El,” which is the issue when we first see Jon and pink-haired journalist Jay Nakamura cuddling.

The news comes one month after Tim Drake, also known as Batman’s sidekick Robin, was pictured accepting a date from a man in a DC Comics’ “Batman: Urban Legends” issue.
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Is Superman Gay?

There is a chance that you are aware of the rumours that DC Comics has homosexualized Superman.


To a certain extent, you are correct in saying that.

The DC Comics Multiverse will soon welcome a new iteration of Superman in the shape of Jon Kent, who is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Jon Kent will take on the mantle of Superman.

It doesn’t take long for Jon Kent and Jay Nakamura, who is also male reporter like Jon’s father, to develop a very strong friendship with one another.

The publisher of DC Comics has issued a statement saying that the business is glad to share this important tale, adding that Jon Kent is most likely bisexual.

This information was included in the statement. The findings from all of these investigations will be presented in a comic book format, and copies of it will be made available to the general public on November 9.

Superman Personal Life

Only Superman managed to escape the destruction of the planet Krypton.

His father, Jor-El, was the one who made the discovery that Krypton was the site of a nuclear chain reaction that was piling up and would eventually smash the entire globe.

As a result, Jor-El withdrew the life matrix carrying his unborn son Kal-El from the Kryptonian Gestation Chambers and attached it to an experimental vessel designed for transit across hyperspace.

This allowed Jor-El to bring his son Kal-El with him on their journey.

Just in the nick of time, Jor-El directed the spaceship in the direction of Earth before Krypton imploded.

When the spaceship touched down on Earth, it was as if Superman had been given birth there.

The newborn was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent as they were searching the vessel, and they took him back to their farm in Smallville, Kansas.

The Kents reasoned that because the infant appeared to be completely human, he must have been the subject of some kind of depraved experiment.

At this point, the infant has no extraordinary abilities. The newborn was given the name Clark by the Kents, and they brought him up as their son.


Clark Kent’s Kryptonian body began to gain superhuman abilities while he was a young adult.

When Clark was eighteen years old, he was taken to the field where his starship still lay concealed, and there he was told the story of how he and Martha had found him.

Clark decided that from that point forward, he would only use his abilities for the benefit of humanity.

After Clark had confided in his childhood friend Lana Lang about his secret, he decided to leave Smallville to attend Metropolis University.

What is the Personality of Superman?
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The character of Superman is one of unflinching nobility, to the point where it can be difficult to discover any noticeable flaws in him due to the high standards he sets for himself.

He is a kind and kind person who never asks for anything in return for his generosity.

In addition to this, he possesses a distinct comprehension of what constitutes right and wrong, as well as the capacity to make rapid and firm decisions despite being subjected to intense emotional and psychological stress.

Does Superman See Himself as a Human?

He takes up arms against the lawbreakers to defend the pristine nature of humanity and all that it stands for.


The breadth and depth of his affection for people had developed to the point that he want to experience what it was like to be born into a human body alongside them.
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In particular, as adolescent readers sorting out our identities, LGBTQ comic book fans have long found superhero stories good sources for discovering queer coding and subtext that resonated with our own experiences.

Whether it’s the ageless Wonder Woman, the tortured Batman, or even Superman himself, an actual extraterrestrial on this planet, many of us may find our stories in the solitary, secret, and dual lives of superheroes.

Whether it’s Batman, who’s been through hell, or Superman, who’s been here for real, he’s got it rough.

It was usually difficult to make analogies, such as in the “X-Men” comic book and movie series, where the protagonists had to deal with prejudice and legal discrimination because their birth circumstances were different.

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