Home News Technology Joe Budden Cash App Deal: Is Cash App Dumping Joe Budden?

Joe Budden Cash App Deal: Is Cash App Dumping Joe Budden?

Joe Budden Cash App Deal: Is Cash App Dumping Joe Budden?

Because of the broad dissemination of allegations of sexual assault in the industry, the Joe Budden Podcast was terminated from its contract to advertise on the Cash app.

In the early part of the previous week, one of Joe Budden Podcast’s former female employees, Olivia Dope, leveled sexual assault allegations against him.

As a result, the Cash app logo was taken down, and the typical advertisement that would have been played aloud during the podcast was skipped.

After turning down lucrative offers from Tidal and Spotify to host his podcast, he landed his first significant deal with Cash, which was a mobile app.

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Table of Contents

Deal for a Joe Budden Podcast Cash App

Joe Budden’s program claims to have lost the Podcast Cash app partnership. The podcast cash app arrangement appears to have ended amid rumors because the Cash app logo was noticed absent from his show and because he did not read the regular commercials.

Joe Budden Cash App Deal

The advertisement is often read before the event begins, and it was a terrific show up until and unless his former employee accused him of sexual harassment.

Joe Budden is No Longer a Part of the Cash App

Cash app appears to have stepped forward to end their ad arrangement with him soon after the allegations were brought against him.

The show had been operating effectively for a while. The Cash app was his first significant transaction as it started to pick up speed, but now that he has been charged, his podcast may be in grave peril.

He stopped rapping in 2018, and after succeeding as a broadcaster, he moved on. Joe Budden appears to have apologized to his podcast host, Olivia Dope, following the sexual harassment.


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