Home News Software What Exactly is the Hallway App? How can you get the Hallway chat app?

What Exactly is the Hallway App? How can you get the Hallway chat app?

What Exactly is the Hallway App? How can you get the Hallway chat app?

Are you sick and tired of working at home? Do you miss the joy of the team and feel lonely? Long-term remote working during the pandemic has given rise to applications like Hallway chat.

Hallway chat can also be requested and integrated directly into Slack for Microsoft teams. Hallway chat is free with Slack.

What Exactly is the Hallway App?

Parthi Loganathan and Kunal Jasty created the passageway. It took around four days to build from the first concept to the first user.

Over 900 teams have utilized the Hallway chat platform at large corporations such as IBM, Nextdoor, Salesforce, Coursera, and others.

The Hallway has been mentioned in TechCrunch and the Wall Street Journal. The Hallway has made working remotely pleasurable by encouraging 14 discussions per 100 employees daily.

What Are the Features of the Hallway Chat App?

Features available in the Hallway include:

  • Allows for one-on-one or group talks.
  • Provides customizable options like frequency and schedule time.
  • Timezone and working hours for specific Slack channel breaks
  • Assists in the creation of weekly analytic reports.

What Exactly is the Hallway App

  • The Roulette-style one-to-one private breaks, in which members of one slack channel are randomly paired, are an intriguing aspect of Hallway.

How Can You Get the Hallway Chat App?

It is simple to include a Hallway chat app. You can do so by following the instructions below:

  • You must go to the Hallway chat platform’s official website to access the platform’s homepage.
  • Then, click the “Add to Slack for free” option on the Hallway chat homepage.
  • Following that, you must go to Slack and grant permission for Hallway to be added to Slack.
  • Users can also install Hallway directly from the Slack app directory.

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How Do I Use the Hallway?

The Hallway does not have a front end. In Slack, everything is user-defined. This comprises the login procedure, onboarding experience, and setting user interface. The Hallway app instructs the bot to generate break rooms automatically.

You can invite the Hallway bot to Slack channels once the onboarding instructions are delivered via direct message within Slack.

This is accomplished by entering “/invite@hallway” into a channel. This inserts the track automatically. It may also be switched on by typing “/hallway on,” and it can be configured by typing “/hallway.”

Pricing in the Hallway

Hallway chat is a free service when only two slack channels are used. Only ten timed video chats are possible when utilizing the free service.

What Exactly is the Hallway App

The service must be improved to support increased usage. The Hallway provides two pricing alternatives.

The monthly cost of the Team price plan is $30. It provides timed recurrent video breaks as well as prolonged discussions.

There is also a seven-day free trial period available. It also provides infinite video chat rooms straight from Hallway and through Zoom and Google Meet links.

It also allows you to schedule chats, establish working hours, and generate weekly analytics statistics. A monthly fee of $2 is required to add new channel members.

Customers must contact them for the exact price of customized services.


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