Is Don Lemon Gay? Here Are Some Facts About His Life!

is don lemon gay

Don Lemon is a well-known television journalist and news anchor in the United States, and he has a net worth of $12 million. Although Lemon has worked for several television networks in the past, including NBC and MSNBC.

He is perhaps most known for his role as a leading anchor and presenter for CNN at the present moment. Don has been honored with a variety of accolades, including three Emmys, in recognition of his contributions to “CNN Tonight” and other television programs.

Don Lemon is widely regarded as one of the most important African Americans in the world, as well as one of the most powerful members of the LGBTQ community in the broadcasting industry.

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Don Lemon and Tim Malone Open up About Their Relationship

On Saturday, Cnn Presenter Don Lemon Shared the News that He Is Engaged with His Longtime Boyfriend Tim Malone.

is don lemon gay

“on His Birthday, He Honored Me with A Thoughtful Gift. how Could I Possibly Refuse? the Newscaster Included the Question, “daddy, Would You Marry Papa?” as The Caption for The Photo of Their Bowtie-Shaped Dog Tags, Which Were Inscribed with The Words “daddy Will You Marry Papa? ” Their Puppies, Boomer, and Barkley Had the Tags on Their Collars.

Additionally, the Couple’s Rings Are Displayed in The Shot that Was Uploaded on Lemon’s Instagram Account.

According to Lemon, Malone Popped the Question Shortly After His Birthday While the Two of Them Were Celebrating Together. on His Instagram Account, Malone Uploaded the Same Shot and Captioned It with The Words “he Said Yes! ”

A Couple of Years Ago, Lemon and Malone, Who Was Also an Agent in The Real Estate Industry, Met in New York.

During a Live Broadcast of New Year’s Eve on Cnn in 2017, the Two of Them Had a Kiss While It Was Being Broadcast.

Lemon Stated on Monday that Throughout Her Childhood, She “grew up Assuming that I Would Never Be Able to Be Public with My Relationships, Let Alone Ever Get Legally Married.”

Therefore, for Me, Not only Is This Thrilling, but It’s Also a Little Bit Terrifying. I Suppose It’s Time for Me to Start Thinking About the Kids. What Can We Say About This Late Bloomer? “

Don Lemon Is the Host of The Program “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” Which Can Be Seen on Weeknights at 10 O’clock. in September 2006, He Started Working for Cnn.

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Early Life

A Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Hospital Was the Location of Donald Carlton Lemon’s Birth on March 1st, 1966. Lemon, Who Was Brought up In a Creole Family, Ended up Being Elected President of His High School Class During His Senior Year.

In An Interview that Aired in 2010, Don Lemon Stated that He Had Been Sexually Molested by A Teenage Male when He Was Five Years Old, but He Didn’t Tell Anyone About the Incident until He Was 30 Years Old. the Incident Occurred in The 1970s.

After Finishing High School, Donald Enrolled at Louisiana State University for A Year Before Moving on To Brooklyn College in The State of New York. Don Attended Brooklyn College and Focused His Studies on Journalism During His Time There.

In Addition, While He Was Still a Student, He Obtained Expertise in The Field by Working as A News Assistant at A Fox News Affiliate Station in New York City.

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Because of His Outstanding Work, Lemon Was Presented with An Edward R. Murrow Award. in 2006, He Was Awarded Three Chicago/midwest Emmys; One of Them Was for A Business Piece that Was About Real Estate Listings, and The Other Two Were for Reporting on The Hiv/aids Crisis in Africa.

In 2011, He Talked About Colorism in The Black Community and The Sexual Assault He Had Endured as A Youngster. Both of These Topics Were Related to His Experiences. He Admitted to Being Gay and Revealed that He Had Been Aware of His Sexuality Since He Was About 5 or 6 Years Old when He Came Out.

In 2006, Lemon Started Working at Cnn. Additionally, He Has Been the Host of Cnn’s New Year’s Eve Special Broadcast from New Orleans Since 2014. in 2018, He Began His Cnn Tonight Broadcast by Saying, “This Is Cnn Tonight, I’m Don Lemon, and The President of The United States Is Racist.”

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In 2016, He Was Presented with A Native Son Award for His Accomplishments. the Following Year, He Was Included on The List of “the Most Influential LGBTQ Individuals in The United States” that Was Compiled by The Magazine “out.”


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