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No, Your New Electric Vehicle Does Not Need All the Extra Features.

Once upon a time, cooling off indoors was voluntary. If you had to deal with a climate that could be described as being “under the intense focus of the neighboring star,” but didn’t have the money to install air conditioning in your car, you probably just prayed that you could go quickly enough to let the breeze blow through the open windows.

Thankfully, modern vehicles come standard with air conditioning. This and other features have become common, so car companies have had to find other ways to increase prices. A few of these supplementary functions are really nice.

Something like heated seats, for when the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Some of them are just weird, like those clusters of 3D dashes.

When looking for a new EV, it’s vital to keep in mind the features you’ll actually use and ignore the fad features that may seem like a good idea at the time. For instance, is it necessary for us to have a water-resistant Cybertruck?

Stay on Target

Ok, fair enough, if you accidentally drive into a canal, a really hefty electric pickup that can float briefly won’t help you all that much. That’s why, except for a handful of publicity stunt drivers, nobody really drove their Volkswagen beetle into a body of water when Volkswagen claimed that the budget-friendly passenger vehicle would float.

Although that commercial first appeared in the early 1970s, decades had passed before it was ever conceived that a car company CEO might communicate with everyone on the planet using a tiny, networked pocket computer.

The real news is that the Cybertruck, like the Beetle before it, has a nice inside seal when you close the doors, which was the true news when Volkswagen executed the same bit of showmanship.

For those who worry about breathing in harmful particles, Tesla has a setting called Bioweapon Defense Mode, which activates a hyperbolic HEPA filter system to filter out as much outside air as possible before letting it enter the car. Perfect for places where smog, fires, or even biological weapons have ruined the air quality.

To those who suffer from asthma or other breathing difficulties, a car that filters the air outside the cabin is a godsend. Without a doubt, a great number of automobiles are capable of this. This is a practical, real-world function that can assist motorists. There won’t be much buoyancy.

Don’t be fooled by strange tweets or flashy advertisements. The most valuable characteristics are the ones that serve your needs.

Your Life, Your Car

If you’re not careful, you might forget what really matters while behind the wheel. How often, where, and how recklessly you drive are all questions you should ask yourself.

The United States is known for its “extreme buying,” or its tendency to stock up on products just in case.

Seats with the right amount of ergonomic support are crucial if you spend a lot of time driving. Find a car that has seats that are comfortable for you by figuring out your needs. Worse than buying a car and going home all happy about it is finding a week later that your back is in misery whenever you spend more than 60 minutes behind the wheel.

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Bring up the subject of heated seats for a second. Instead of using energy to heat the entire cabin, focus on warming up your chair. In most cases, it also expedites the delivery of the intended outcomes. For those chilly mornings, a warm behind is a welcome reward.

Things must be accepted as givens. Having compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto is now expected. With wireless connectivity, launching Waze to find the quickest route to work doesn’t require fumbling with a connection.

It’s necessary to keep in mind a few details that might not appear vital at first. One common misconception about electric vehicles is that more range is more important than efficiency. You can find the fuel economy on the window sticker. In the same way that a higher octane gas rating is preferable and will save money over time, so too is a higher rating.

If two vehicles share the same range (300 miles), but one needs a 100 kWh battery pack and the other just needs a 75 kWh battery pack, the latter is the more cost-effective option. The Hummer EV is not just an absurd car, but also a horribly inefficient one. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is more stylish and efficient.

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What You Really Need

The United States is known for its “extreme buying,” or its tendency to stock up on products just in case. As a rule, we like to have a contingency plan in place just in case. This is how there are so many SUVs on the road with no passengers, and so many empty pickup trucks carrying more empty air than genuine freight.

It’s excellent that an SUV works for you because you have a lot of stuff and need the extra space it provides on a regular basis.

However, if you already own a large vehicle, you should carefully consider how you plan to use your EV on a daily basis before making a purchase. Getting the largest vehicle that will fit in your garage might not be the greatest option if you only need it for occasional short trips around town.

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It’s not necessary to have a vehicle with a 350-mile range if you only drive 100 miles per day, as this is the average for most people.

How often, where, and how recklessly you drive are all questions you should ask yourself.

To put it another way, I suggest you think more compactly and strategically. Instead of spending extra money on the ultra-long-range monster that car companies are trying to sell you, just get the car you need.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are costly, and it’s easy to drive up the price of a new car by adding fancy features you’ll never use. This is especially true now, when supply shortages have caused prices to soar wildly.

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Have a deep talk with yourself before deciding that you need a new EV right now. You need to prioritize what you actually require over what might just be cool to have. It’s going to be a difficult conversation to have, but you’ll be better off financially and physically in the end if you do.

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