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New Wired Nest Doorbell Appears on Store Shelves Early, Price Revealed

The new wired Nest Doorbell, which the business had pre-announced the previous year, was discovered thanks to the Google Home app. It has already begun to appear in retail locations, and customers will be able to purchase it as soon as this week.

One of our readers just went to Best Buy and discovered that the newest Nest Doorbell is already available for purchase there. The main packaging is the same as it was for the Nest Doorbell (battery), which just has the word “Battery” written in the bottom-left corner of the box.

This new one has a checkmark next to the words “Wired” and “2nd generation,” and it comes in white and a dark gray color, according to what was shown today. It is possible that there will be additional colors, such as the battery model (i.
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e., dark green and beige). There is a good chance that the retail packaging for the battery version will also be altered.

The new wired Nest Doorbell, which comes in at a price of 9.
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99, is rumored to have a release date of Tuesday, October 4th. According to the manager of the shop, this is the case, and the registration system at Best Buy does not permit purchases of the product because it has not yet been made available to the public.

This pricing would be the same as the one for the battery model and less than the $229 cost of the first-generation Hello.

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The doorbell itself has the same design as before, although it is shorter and wider than before. You can anticipate that the ability to record video history continuously and round-the-clock will be the primary differentiator and benefit offered by event-based history, whereas differences in recording quality are doubtful.

It is strange that the firm does not appear to be unveiling the new Nest Doorbell (wired) among other products just two days before the Made by Google event, assuming that this is not a system fault. If it isn’t a system error, then it is intriguing. Because of this, the ecosystem will be emphasized more.
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On October 6, Google is expected to announce “additions to the Nest smart home portfolio,” as the company stated one month ago (our emphasis). Since there would just be one product, the Nest Wifi Pro, it is still unknown whether any other home-related announcements are going to be made.

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