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How to Get Rid of A Virus on An Android Tablet: Know More!

Removing a program in Safe Mode is recommended if you feel it may be a virus or other form of malware. You can see what programs you have installed, and you can uninstall them with few restrictions.

  • To turn off your Android tablet, first press and hold the tablet’s physical Power button, and then tap and hold the Power Off button that appears on the tablet’s screen.
  • Asking if you want to boot in Safe Mode is the prompt that will show. Tap Ok.
  • Launch Apps > See all apps in Settings when the tablet has restarted.
  • Move up and down the list of currently accessible software. If you want to get rid of a certain one, just tap it and choose Uninstall.
  • Once you’ve finished removing all undesirable apps, reboot the Android tablet normally.

Using a Factory Reset to Remove a Virus

While it is beneficial to remove undesirable apps in Safe Mode against a simple infection, a complicated virus may dodge your efforts by reinstalling itself after a reboot or by hiding itself as an app. A virus of this nature can make it so that only a complete factory reset of your Android tablet will get rid of it.

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Can Android Tablets Get a Virus?

While Android is generally safe, it is not immune to virus attacks. In each of the last six years, AV-Test, a third-party antivirus testing, and certification firm has found over three million Android infections (from 2016 to 2021).

That’s a lot less than was found on Windows, but it’s more than was found on iOS or macOS.
Keep in mind that malware can infect any electronic gadget. Being careful is an excellent habit to acquire.

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How Do You Know if Your Tablet Has a Virus?

The safest way to check if your tablet is infected is to use a trusted antivirus program for Android. You may not need to follow the procedures above to eliminate the virus if the app can detect and immediately block it or delete it.

If your Android tablet has any of the following problems, it may be infected with a virus, regardless of whether or not you are using an antivirus program.

  • A sudden drop in performance
  • Unexplained network usage
  • Installation of apps you didn’t download
  • Ads in apps that normally shouldn’t display them
  • Your contacts receive messages you didn’t send

Even while these symptoms are widespread, they are not the only indication of a virus. In order to avoid detection, a virus can be programmed to remain dormant until a certain event occurs. Even if your Android tablet is functioning perfectly, it is always a good idea to run an antivirus scan every few months.

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