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Twitter Finally Starts Rolling out The Edit Button, But Us Users Will Have to Wait

A few months ago, Twitter announced that it is finally developing the much-requested “Edit” button. After a brief public demonstration, Twitter is allowing Twitter Blue subscribers in certain regions to edit their tweets.

‘Edit’ Button Now Available to Twitter Users

As of today, Twitter Blue users in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand will be able to use the “Edit Tweet” feature. Users have the chance to modify their tweets after they have been posted. This eliminates the need for users to remove and re-post tweets when they discover typos.

Company representatives have stated that the new feature will “soon” be made available to all US-based Twitter users because the test ran smoothly. But no specific timetable has been provided.

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Twitter said to 9to5Mac last month that the firm was patient while perfecting the new function. Before making the “Edit” button available to everyone, Twitter will observe how the new feature is being used and how it affects the way users read and create tweets.

Keep in mind that the new tweet editing feature has some restrictions. For instance, after a tweet has been published, it can’t be edited for 30 minutes. Each tweet can only be updated a certain amount of times, and Twitter will always display the tweet’s revision history. Additionally, tweet metadata can be accessed by third-party Twitter clients utilizing the new API v2.

Now you may edit your tweets! As a result, you may now start retrieving changed Tweets along with their history and fields via the Twitter API v2.

Tweeted by Twitter’s development team on October 3, 2022.

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Twitter Blue Subscription

If you’re not aware of it, Twitter Blue is a paid tier of the social media platform’s service that grants access to premium extras like the “undo” button for recently posted tweets and custom skins for the Twitter app. Users can also test out upcoming updates, such as the “Edit” button, in a non-public setting.

Twitter Blue costs $4.99 per month in the United States. Costs might range widely from one country to another.

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