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Sony to Soon Launch New PS5 Models in India

New variants of the PlayStation 5 have only lately begun arriving in India after Sony began shipping them there. The latest iterations of the ubiquitous gaming console save more power and weigh less than their predecessors, which were the first ones to be released. So, in that case, here are all the specifics.

Earlier, we had heard that the Japanese technology giant was in the process of bringing out new models of the PS5 system. It would appear at this point that the corporation is planning to introduce the same models in the Indian market as well.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has given its approval to the new PS5 CFI-1208A and CFI-1208B models, in case anyone was unaware of this. In other words, we should anticipate that the newly released gaming consoles would find their way to India in conjunction with the imminent replenishment of local inventories.

Those who are uninformed may not be aware, but the new PS5 CFI-1200 series comes with a redesign of the inside design. Because of these modifications, the most recent PS5 models have improved thermal performance in addition to having a lower power consumption rate.

This is made possible by a new motherboard that is smaller than the previous one, as well as an upgraded cooling system that includes an additional heat pipe and a heatsink that is more compact. Because of these modifications, the latest PS5 iterations weigh approximately.45 kilograms less than the initial launch events for the product.

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In addition to these more subtle alterations in appearance, there have been rumors that Sony is hard at work on a significant update for the PlayStation 5.

As part of this significant overhaul, the company is rumored to be planning to introduce a model of the PlayStation5 (PS5) that has a removable optical disc drive that would connect to the gaming system using a USB Type C interface.

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This indicates that we should anticipate the console to either come included with the disc drive or the drive itself may be made available for purchase as an optional item.

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