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Who is the Boyfriend of Cody Rigsby: is Cody Rigsby Gay?

The news that Cody has been in a committed relationship with Andrés Alfaro since 2018 is sure to cause some of the singer’s ardent fans to feel let down.

The couple concurred that throughout the first one and a half to two years of their relationship, they would make every effort to conceal their romantic involvement from members of the general public.

A complete about-face was brought about as a result of the publishing of a profile on Cody in the issue of Vogue for the year 2020, as well as the accompanying increase in the number of photographs of the two of them posted together on Instagram.

If that’s the case, then who exactly is this Andrés? First things first, he is a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp, which is a well-known fitness facility.

It is stated in Andrés’ official company bio that he “can’t live without his Nespresso,” which can be viewed on the official company website.

The fitness expert continued by stating that his “guilty pleasure is sleeping in cream cheese bagels.”

[Further citation is required] In addition to this, he claims that “my friends would remark that I am dominant as well as an opinionated queen with a playful sass.”

Is Cody Rigsby Gay?

Cody Rigsby is currently seeing Andres Alfaro, whom he first met in the year 2018; however, the two of them did not make any public announcements of their relationship until April 2020.


Cody Rigsby and Andres Alfaro are both very private about their personal lives.

Andres Alfaro is a fitness instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp, in addition to his other responsibilities as a member of the staff there.

It is plausible to assume that he is gay given his history of being involved with other gay men and the fact that he is currently linked with another male.

Cody Rigsby Career

Cody travelled to New York to further his career in the dance profession after completing his formal education.

He got his start in the dance world after graduating from high school, and once he was done with his schooling, he moved there.

While living in New York, he was employed as a professional dancer for a variety of high-profile clients, including Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Victoria’s Secret, ELLE Magazine, and Saturday Night Live, among others.

He became interested in pursuing a profession as a Peloton instructor after spending time in this active and exciting city.

Cody’s aim to always improve himself and become the best version of himself is what drives him to work hard to attain his fitness objectives.

Unfortunately, he was not able to pay for the necessary dance training to continue his career, so he was forced to give up his career as a dancer to start working in homosexual bars.

This forced him to give up his dream job.

In addition to this, the additional money he got from dancing was not sufficient for him to fulfil his requirements and satisfy his requirements.

After some time had passed, he decided to begin a career in the fitness industry working as a professional fitness trainer and instructor.

As a fitness instructor, he motivates his students to put in tremendous effort and perform to the best of their abilities.

He also encourages them to do their very best.

Cody was able to improve not just his reputation but also his financial situation by providing incredibly beneficial advice and suggestions regarding fitness.


This helped him build up his reputation. He has also been featured on Fox News and serves as the Director of the Peloton Cycling Team.

Recent headlines have been dominated by discussions over Cody’s performance on the very first episode of Dancing With the Stars, which aired on September 20, 2021.

He rapidly became one of the crowd’s favourites as a direct result of his performance, which increased the possibility that he will emerge triumphant in the competition.

Who is Cody Rigsby?

In the field of exercise and physical fitness in the United States, Cody Rigsby is a well-known person.

In addition to being a professional dancer and an athlete, he is also a personal trainer, an influential figure on social media, and an entrepreneur.

He is well-known all around the country as a consequence of his job as a fitness instructor for Peloton, which he has been doing for the past many years.

Permit me to elaborate: Peloton is a firm that, in addition to specializing in the sale of sporting products, is also an industry leader in the distribution of workout equipment.

As a Peloton instructor, Cody is also accessible to teach riders through the platform’s online platform.

Aside from that, he is working as a fitness instructor at his studio on a full-time basis.

According to reports, Cody had a prosperous career as a dancer before commencing a career in the fitness industry.

Cody’s success in the dance industry led him to pursue a career in the fitness industry.

In his capacity as a dancer, he took part in several initiatives that involved the participation of superstars such as Katy Perry.

The job that Rigsby did as a fitness model helped bring him a great deal of attention.

Who is Cody Rigsby’s Mom?

Cindy, his mother, was a single parent who struggled with substance misuse and worked as a waitress to support her son and herself.

In addition to that, she was participating in treatment for her ailment.


Both he and Cindy lived in the house that they shared, and he and Cindy shared a room.

Rigsby was well aware that his mother did not have the financial means to pay for him to take dancing classes when he was in middle school, even though he had a strong desire to do so.

He also knew that his mother could not pay for him to take acting classes when he was in middle school.

In addition to this, he was aware that when he was in middle school, his mother did not have the financial means to pay for him to participate in acting classes.

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When Cody initially came to New York, the residents of the city met him with a great amount of opposition (NYCY).

On the other hand, ever since he started working at Peloton as a fitness instructor and health specialist, his cards have been in the best possible shape that they could be in at this point.

He began his life in the working class, but with perseverance and diligence, he was able to work his way up into the middle class and then the upper class.

Over the most recent several years, he has amassed sizeable money, and it is continuing to expand.

It is feasible to assume that his current net worth is somewhere in the neighbourhood of two million dollars to two and a half million dollars.

In addition to this, a large portion of his earnings come from sponsorships and deals struck with a wide array of companies.

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