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Google Widgets For iOS 16 Lock Screen Are Available Now For iPhones

Widgets, which were previewed by the firm the previous month, are now accessible for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google News. Additionally, the widgets have begun to appear in the most recent app upgrades for the iOS 16 operating system.

Users have the ability to personalize their home screen by selecting up to four essential apps, much like they can do with the other Lock Screen widgets in iOS 16. You may either tap on the icon to launch the host application or simply consume the information that is contained within it. The widget icons can be either rectangular or circular.

The Google News widget, for instance, will display a headline from a featured story, whilst the Gmail app will provide a snapshot of your inboxes. Both of these features can be found on the Google website.

It’s possible that the widgets based on searches will prove to be the most helpful and flexible. It consists of a text search bar in addition to widgets for translating, speaking, shopping, and the Google Lens visual search.

The Chrome browser widgets, on the other hand, contain direct access to Google’s cult classic Dino game and the ability to launch a tab in Incognito Mode. Drive notifies you whenever a file is shared with you, and it also allows you to easily navigate back to files and folders you’ve used most recently.

The Maps widgets are fantastic for providing a picture of your frequent journeys. For instance, they can tell you how long it will take you to travel back to your house. In addition, there are widgets that will assist you in finding hotels, stores, restaurants, and more.

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You will need to make sure that you are running the most recent versions of the Google apps in the issue in order to access the widgets. After that, you will need to follow our instructions to add widgets to the Lock Screen in iOS 16 to gain access to the widgets.

Because not all of the apps in all of the countries are supported quite yet, you might need to exercise a little bit of patience.

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As is typically the case, Google was one of the first large app developers to join together with Apple on the development of its new projects, and this is also the case here. In point of fact, there are moments when it seems as though Google placed more importance on new features for the iPhone than it does on its own platform, Android.

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