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Hellraiser Ending Explained: Get All You Want to Know About the Movie!

David Bruckner’s Hulu reimagining restores honor to Cenobite history after decades of underfunded Hellraiser sequels used as an excuse to preserve property rights. Even while it’s different from the leather BDSM outfits and sex-dungeon slaughter style, it nevertheless manages to conjure the franchise’s focus on the ambiguity of emotions like pleasure and agony, fear and exhilaration.

Riley McKendry, portrayed by Odessa A’zion, is a junkie who inherited the Lemarchand Box, also called the Lament Configuration.

Riley’s examination of the evolving puzzle box — with 6 unique phases that give a “Audience with God” upon completion — takes her to the Berkshire mansion of disappeared millionaire art dealer Roland Voight (Goran Visnjic) (Goran Visnjic).

The interior has been outfitted with innumerable drop-down gates at the flip of a switch, and the exterior is now coated in an iron shell that resembles designs on Riley’s box. Riley has been given the option by the Priest/Pinhead to either sacrifice herself or others to satisfy the box’s bloodlust, and she is praying that Voight’s home holds the answers she needs to prevent more lives from being lost.

She discovers a maze of terrors reminiscent of Dark Castle Entertainment’s Thir13en Ghosts remake from the 2000s.

Hellraiser (2022) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis:

After an innocent man is tricked by sleazy tycoon Roland Voight into completing the Lament Configuration, Hellraiser (2022) begins with a new cycle of unearthly sights (Goran Visnjic).

hellraiser ending explained

Those who are aware of the significance of the puzzle box’s past will immediately see this as a deliberate sacrifice, as the Lament Configuration demands victims in exchange for granting the owner’s request.

Voight, the current owner of the box, witnesses the sky-glass panel in his mansion darken following the man’s death. It is significant to note that Voight’s home contains a functional cage that functions as a Lament Configuration.

We now meet Riley (Odessa A’zion), a former addict who is struggling to rebuild her life. There’s a tremendous conflict between her and her brother Matt (Brandon Flynn), who she lives with, along with two other roommates.

The situation isn’t helped by Matt’s controlling character, especially when he displays worry about her dating a recovering addict named Trevor (Drew Starkey). But Riley resolves to keep seeing Trevor, and the two break into a warehouse and steal a freight box, where they discover the Lament Configuration. In all senses of the phrase, hell is about to break loose for the protagonists.

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What Is the Hellraiser 2022 Ending Explained?

Cenobites are chasing Riley, Trevor, and Colin through Voight’s estate. Riley learns that the Cenobites’ deaths count as sacrifices for the box’s next configuration after witnessing the box’s attack on Chatterer, one of the Cenobites. Riley devises a strategy to devote herself to the box by knowingly letting the Cenobites inside the mansion.

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However, there is a catch! Trevor, Riley’s horrible lover, has been secretly working with Voight the whole time. O, the betrayer! The audience learns that Voight is completely at the mercy of the box and the Cenobites as he arrives at the estate wearing a metal contraption in his chest.

He recruited Trevor to do his dirty deed since he needs to feed the box in order to be released.

Six years ago, Voight remembers, he sacrificed to open the puzzle box and select “Liminal,” also known as feeling. Unfortunately, the Cenobite’s definition of “feeling” was actually a horrific form of torment on the body.

Just who would have thought that? The Cenobites have promised Riley something, but Voight says it is not what she wants. Voight stabs Colin to identify him as the next target and calls in the Cenobites. Pinhead is ordered by Voight to reverse his “gift.” Pinhead states the present is not refundable but is exchangeable. Pinhead endows Voight with “Leviathan,” or authority.

At the same time, the Cenobites arrive to take Colin away, but Riley intervenes and has them instead take the traitor Trevor. As a result of her stabbing Trevor, Colin is freed from his Cenobite jail. To Riley’s dismay, Pinhead presents the restored body of Riley’s brother as her reward for the ultimate sacrifice.

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Knowing that the Cenobite bounty is not what it seems, she has made peace with her brother’s death. Pinhead explains to Riley that this indicates she has opted for “the Lament Configuration,” or life, and that she will therefore be doomed to a perpetual state of melancholy.

In one piece, Riley and Colin escape the mansion. Riley wonders if she made the right call by abandoning her attempt to reclaim her brother.

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