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How to Get the Reservation Code?

An insurance provider called has cards that can be used on more than 40 million different websites.

Mercury accepts non-US citizens, which makes the bank a good choice for many.

It enables checking account creation in less than 15 minutes, issues debit cards similar to those issued by traditional banks, and offers cash flow analytics.

How to Get the Reservation Code?

Your offer letter includes the reservation code 2021 for Alternatively, you can use the URL below to access the website and generate the activation code.

In the space provided, type your last name, zip code, and the last four digits of your SSN. Afterward, once you have the code, click on the provided link after selecting the Apply today option.

How to Get the Reservation Code

The last four digits of the SSN must also be entered in the box provided to activate the reservation code. Continue by selecting the Apply Today option.

How Do I Get a Mercury Mastercard?

A Mercury Mastercard application requires an invitation from a third party. An invitation comes with a reference code. To finish the application process, follow these four steps.

  • Keep your reservation code in the invitation email you received.
  • Add your reservation code and activate it.
  • After that, you would fill out an application form, including basic identifying information, financial information, and other random facts.
  • After submitting the online application form, you will be required to attach papers about your financial situation.
  • If a card in your name is accepted, you will be notified within 4-5 days.

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What Are the Requirements for Applications?

Documents containing your EIN (Employer Identification Number) are required for your application. EIN is provided on Forms 147c, CP575, and a completed SS-4 form.

You must also provide a government ID issued by the United States, LLC paperwork, and its address.

Benefits of a Pre-approved Mercury Mastercard

The Go Mercury Mastercard has various advantages that work in its favor.

  • Your FICO (Fair, Isaac, and Company) score is accessible to you.
  • All three central bureaus receive the report.
  • You are not responsible for fraudulent activity if your card is stolen or lost.
  • The Mastercard does not require a yearly fee to be held.

How to Get the Reservation Code Evaluations

This unsecured card is one of the few cards that do not burden its holders with an annual maintenance cost. The card also offers FICO score access and has high APRs.

The card is a creation of the Credit Shop, which has eliminated chiefly the credit cards held by customers with ordinary or low credit scores from Barclays’ portfolio.

As a result, it has joint ownership and is not bought by Barclay. It is a good choice for non-US citizens to take into account.

Is a Genuine Website?

It is legitimate and instructs individuals with ordinary credit scores on how to use the card responsibly to raise their credit scores.


It’s all about the GoMercury Mastercard here. If you are a non-US resident looking for an appropriate card choice, try using the GoMercury Mastercard.

Every Mastercard has advantages and disadvantages, and this card is no exception. Check out some of the material in this post before deciding on this option.

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