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Spotify Acquires Firm that Detects Harmful Content

On Wednesday, music streaming service Spotify Technology SA said that it had acquired Kinzen, a company that assists it in identifying potentially hazardous content that is hosted on its platform.

After a backlash earlier this year over “The Joe Rogan Experience,” in which the podcaster was accused of spreading misinformation about COVID-19, Spotify decided to make an acquisition as part of its efforts to deal with harmful content on its service. The acquisition is a part of Spotify’s efforts to deal with harmful content on its service.

Since the year 2020, the company based in Dublin has been collaborating with Spotify, originally concentrating on maintaining the credibility of election-related information all over the world. Since that time, Kinzen’s mandate has grown to encompass the elimination of hate speech, disinformation, and false information.

According to Sarah Hoyle, who is in charge of trust and safety at Spotify, “Kinzen offers a combination of tools and knowledge to help us better understand the content on our platform and developing abuse trends.” Kinzen was recently acquired by Spotify.

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The terms of the deal were not made public.

At the beginning of this year, Spotify announced that it will be more open about the criteria it uses to decide which types of content are acceptable and which are not. In January, it released for the first time the rules that will govern its platform. It established a Safety Advisory Council in June in order to collect feedback on potentially dangerous content.

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Kinzen will provide early alerts about problems in various markets, so assisting Spotify in more effectively moderating content in a wider variety of languages.

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