Chapter 88 of Dragon Ball Super: When Will It Be Released and Where to Read?


Fans Dragon Ball Super series will need to be patient for a few more weeks before they will be able to access the 88th chapter of the series.

Following the uninterrupted release of all 87 chapters of the same sequel series, Toyotarou, the artist in charge of that series, is currently taking a short break from their job.

This monthly manga will return sooner than you think, and it will have entirely new adventures for our characters when it does.

Fans were able to get their hands on the much-anticipated conclusion to the Granolah Survivor story arc with the most recent chapter, which brought an end to the life of Gas, the most formidable adversary Goku and Vegeta had to face.

Fans were ecstatic to finally get their hands on the conclusion, as they had been waiting for it for a very long time.

In addition to this, it revealed Frieza’s new form, which the Emperor then utilised to completely subjugate the Saiyans by utilising his newly acquired strength.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 88 will mark the beginning of a brand new story arc for our main characters, so make sure you don’t miss it! On the off chance if you are interested in learning more about the release of it, continue reading.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88: Release Date

It is anticipated that Dragon Ball Super chapter 88 will be released either on November 19 or November 20 of this year, as has been the case ever since the beginning of the series.


The specific date has not yet been determined.

In order to accommodate Toyotarou’s preparations for the subsequent manga arc, the series will be put on hold for the entirety of the month of October.

Fans, on the other hand, have no reason to be concerned about anything at this time because it was announced a few months ago that the series would return before the end of the current year.

As a result, there is no reason for them to be concerned about anything at this time.

Shonen Jump+ is an app developed by Shueisha, and the Manga Plus website is developed by Viz Media.

When chapter 88 of Dragon Ball Super is finally released, fans will be able to read it on both of these platforms: the Shonen Jump+ app and the Manga Plus website.

Because the audience’s participation contributes to the promotion of the official release of the manga, they are strongly encouraged to utilise these platforms for the series.

If you are interested in reading the chapter that came before this one, you can do so on the Shonen Jump+ website for a price that is not too steep.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88: Plot

Granolah is content now that her life has returned to normal after the Heeter family has been eradicated, and she expresses her thanks for this change of events.

It is time for Goku and Vegeta to put an end to the training that they have been receiving from Beerus and Whis as they get ready to go on their new adventures.

It was brought to the attention of the Saiyans that despite the tremendous boost in power they obtained over the course of the Granolah Survivor story arc, they do not belong to the strongest race.

This was the case despite the fact that they had obtained said boost in power.


Due to the fact that the Saiyans had been in the driver’s seat up until this point, they were taken aback by this piece of information.

Even when they were at the height of their might, Frieza was still able to dispatch of them in a relatively short amount of time.

This was still the case even when they were putting forth every last bit of effort they could muster.

Since our main characters still have a ways to go before they reach the level of physical prowess they have set as a goal for themselves, the action of Dragon Ball Super chapter 88 could focus on them modifying the way in which they train in order to get closer to the level of prowess they have set as a goal for themselves.

This is because they still have a ways to go before they reach the level of physical prowess they have set as a goal for themselves.

If Goku and Vegeta want to compete on the same level as Frieza, they are going to have to put in a lot more effort than they have in the past.

This is a requirement if they want to beat him.

In spite of this, the chapter might focus on the Saiyans’ attempts to perfect the transformations they have just lately received into more sophisticated forms.

Vegeta needs to learn how to harvest the power of destruction without coming dangerously close to passing out in the middle of a fight, while Goku is still trying to figure out how to make the most of his True Ultra Instinct.

Goku is still trying to figure out how to make the most of his True Ultra Instinct. In the meantime that Goku is attempting to figure out how to do this, Vegeta also needs to learn how to do it.

They are going to be put through a training regimen that is going to be orders of magnitude more challenging than anything else that they have ever had to go through in the past, and this is all because to the God of Destruction and each of his Angels.

What Happened in the Last Chapter?

After fighting Gas, Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta were given medical attention by Monaito at the beginning of Dragon Ball Super chapter 87.

Sadly, the younger Heeter brother returned, like virtually a live corpse, as the party was revelling in their success.


When Frieza showed up, our heroes were about to perish from this new form of Gas because they were powerless to combat it.

The emperor dispatched Gas and Elek in a matter of seconds, sparing our heroes’ lives.

After 10 years of training in the Room of Spirit and Time, Frieza unveiled his formidable new form, Frieza Black.

Whis picked up the Saiyans as the story came to a close, remarking that there might yet be a cosmic being that is more powerful than Frieza.

Is Dragon Ball Super Coming in 2022?

The anime series Dragon Ball Super will not be accessible on Netflix’s streaming service during the month of September 2022, as shown by the streaming service’s list of films and television shows that will be released during that time period.

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After the events of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87, it was revealed that the manga series will be pausing for an extended period of time before moving on to the following story arc.

The length of this break is currently unknown.

Even though Shueisha has not yet provided an official publication date for Chapter 88, readers should not anticipate the arrival of the next chapter in September 2022.

This is because Shueisha has not yet provided an official publication date for Chapter 88.