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Google Meet Gains Automatic Meeting Transcription, Companion Mode, and Many Features

Google, a leader in information technology, often releases updates to its Google Workspace platform. Automatic meeting transcribing is one of the most anticipated new capabilities for Google Meet. Google Meet’s newest feature is an instantaneous transcript of all conference calls. The document format for this transcription is Microsoft Word.

To ensure that no important meeting details are missed, a new automatic transcribing option has been included. Previously, users could only record a very rudimentary video for each Google Meet conference.

Users will be able to record the meeting’s proceedings for future reference or to facilitate follow-up. Currently, Google Meet transcription requires the usage of additional software.

Google Meet Brings a New Automatic Transcription Feature

The official blog article states that the transcribing service for meetings will be accessible in English (beginning this week), French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese by the year 2023.

Google claims that when a meeting finishes, whoever requested the transcription will receive an email with a link to the document. The meeting’s transcript will be attached to the invitation in your calendar automatically.

In contrast, the transcription of a meeting with more than 200 participants will be made available exclusively to the meeting’s organizers, host, co-hosts, and users who requested the transcription.

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Google Meet Also Gets a New Companion Mode

Google also says that the mobile version of Google Meet’s companion mode is coming soon. Users will be able to use their laptops to submit answers to surveys, show their hands, and more.

“This mode will provide in-room guests the chance to fully interact by raising their hand, conversing, or asking questions from their phone while leveraging the in-room audio and video,” the business claims.

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A new feature, automatic framing, is being added to Meet by the corporation as well. Participants in the video tile will have the option to frame themselves in front of the meeting using this function. Jamboard web users can now initiate or join a Google Meet meeting without leaving the Jamboard interface.

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