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This Weekend, Orlando Celebrates Its Annual Pride Festival: Orlando Comes Out With Pride

This year, Orlando’s large gay blockbuster Pride event, Come Out With Pride (Website), will be returning to its traditional home in the heart of downtown Orlando.

Because of the pandemic, the event had to move to a more virtual format last year, but this year, it will be held at its original location.

Lake Eola will play host to the festival, which will get underway at midday on Saturday, October 15, and run until 9:30 p.m.

There will be programming going on all over the park, and it will be supplemented by the annual Come Out With Pride parade, which will start at 4 p.m. and continue until the following year.

Just joking; I’m sure we’ll have everything wrapped up with plenty of time to spare before the fireworks begin at 9:30.

Doug Bowser, who passed away in 2013, will be honoured as the Grand Marshal of this year’s parade despite the fact that he is not alive to do so.

Other grand marshals this year include a whole gaggle of local and non-local icons of the queer community.

Doug Bowser, a favourite drag queen and comic at Bungalower Media, will be serving as one of this year’s grand marshals.


In addition to him, other marshals include the actor Michael James Scott, the student activist and leader Will Larkins, and the community leader Shea Cutliff.

All of these individuals are in addition to the individual in question.

What Time is the Pride Parade in Orlando?

The Come Out with Pride march goes completely around the circumference of Lake Eola’s southern side.

It travels along Central Boulevard until it reaches Summerlin, which is its final destination, after beginning at the crossroads where Washington Street and Orange Avenue meet.

The beginning of the parade is scheduled at four in the afternoon.

Because there is a good chance that parking may be challenging, you should arrive there as early as humanly can.

When the Chief of Police in Orlando, Eric Smith, was asked about increased security for the event, he issued a statement saying that while they do not discuss specific security measures, the department always plans and staffs each event appropriately to provide proper public safety.

This was in response to a question about increased security for the event.


This remark was given by Chief Smith in response to a question on the addition of additional security for the event.

Where is Pride Orlando?

Prepare to Make a Good Impression. You are cordially invited to take part in the exciting events that will be taking place in Lake Eola Park in the centre of downtown Orlando on October 15, 2022, which will mark Orlando’s return to this lovely park after an absence of five years.

These events will mark the return of Orlando to this park, and you will be able to celebrate this occasion with us.

Why is It Called Orlando Pride?

On October 20, 2015, Phil Rawlins, the group’s founder and current president, made the announcement that Orlando Pride would be the new name of the organisation.

He made the statement that the name “captures how we all feel about the City of Orlando, as well as powerfully tying into the Lions family.”

He said this in response to someone else’s observation.

The team’s official colours are a light blue and a purple combination.

What is the Orlando Pride Logo?

The water geyser at Lake Eola and the succession of lakes that make up Central Florida are both represented by the colour blue in the official crest of the Orlando City Soccer Club, which prominently features the colour blue.

The colour blue also represents the succession of lakes that make up Central Florida.

In addition, the colour blue, which is incorporated into the name of the club, can be used to refer to these lakes.

The mascot symbol for the Orlando City Soccer Club, which combines the “City Purple” character, prominently features the colours “City Purple” and “Eola Blue.”


Both of these colours refer to the colour of the city where the club is based.

Eola Blue is the colour that symbolises Orlando City Soccer as a club, and City Purple is the colour that symbolises Orlando City Soccer’s one-of-a-kind culture.

Both colours are used interchangeably throughout the club.

Both of these colours are worn by the Orlando City Soccer club when they take the field.

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