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Werewolf by Night review: Morbius and Venom should take note of how to introduce a monster into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Werewolf by Night, a new Halloween-themed Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 production that is likely to get fans in the holiday’s eerie mood, HAS THE FEELING OF AN OLD BLACK-AND-WHITE MONSTER MOVIE.

Marvel Studios is undoubtedly choosing a distinctive approach with this strange genre deviation from its other ongoing projects by delving into what appears to be superhero horror.

As evidenced by the new fanciful start in the video designating it “A Marvel Studios Special Project,” this feature is a first for the franchise.

Werewolf by Night, a 53-minute short film that has no apparent connection to any prior MCU stories (similar to The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, which will be broadcast on Disney+ in December), is neither a TV show nor a movie.


The Halloween special will focus on Jack Russell, a.k.a. the Werewolf by Night, and a group of monster hunters vying for a mysterious, potent artefact. Jack Russell is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.

Fans will be eager to learn every aspect of Werewolf by Night as brand-new characters are introduced to the MCU. Here is more information on the trailer, plot, and release date.

Werewolf by night review

Marvel’s monster movie is dark and humorous, reviving the superhero genre.

The MCU has been criticised for being excessively light, flashy, and self-indulgent for years. Critics say the flicks are similar, even if they’re entertaining.

Werewolf by Night is the most original, refreshing, and un-Marvel-like MCU film in years, after WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2. The 52-minute horror special takes the Marvelverse in a new, welcome way.

Jack Russell, a Marvel Comics character, is cursed to turn into a wolf-like creature on full moon night. The special focuses on one night in Jack’s life as he tries to save his companion Ted from monster hunters. It’s scary, hilarious, and uses every stereotype of classic monster movies, showing a side of Marvel no director had before.

Black-and-white noir is Werewolf by Night’s USP. The title cards and photography pay homage to 1930s and 1940s Hollywood monster pictures and The Twilight Zone.

The special uses physical effects and prosthetics to create the titular monster, deviating from Marvel’s CGI-VFX formula.

In these effects-saturated days, it’s refreshing. Michael Giacchino masterfully revives the old horror tone. Given his status as a composer, he does it with some of the best modern superhero background soundtrack.

The 52-minute Werewolf by Night runs as a standalone Twilight Zone episode. It doesn’t explore the characters’ backstories, leaving their motivations and connections unexplored. On the show, we expected it, but here, it leaves the film feeling unfinished and makes it hard to care about the characters.

Gael Garcia Bernal is the show’s star. Despite the viewer not having time to warm up to Jack and his misfortune, he brings his character’s intensity, urgency, and pain to life. I hope he appears in more MCU films. The performer and character show promise.

Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly) stands out. Laura establishes the Bloodstone in the MCU with a measured and charming performance.


The film’s other monster hunters lack character and feel like filler. Perhaps the short runtime limited the opportunity to examine their backstories, yet it left a foul flavour.

Werewolf by Night’s biggest win is that it’s not Marvel. It’s dark and spooky without being grim, and hilarious without being vain. Writers and directors deserve credit. Horror fans will adore it. Man-Thing, the Marvel anti-hero, makes an explosive cameo (the only character that uses CGI).

Werewolf by Night is distinctive because it takes a self-critical, self-mocking attitude to horror and supernatural. It’s nice that it’s fun when superhero and horror stuff are plenty. If Sony wants to make Morbius 2, they should watch Werewolf by Night to see how to do it well. Disney+ Hotstar will broadcast Werewolf by Night on October 7.

Werewolf by Night: Release Date

According to inverse, on Friday, October 7, 2022, Disney+ broadcasted the first episode of Werewolf by Night.

Werewolf by Night: Cast

The upcoming television special will star Gael Garca Bernal, who is best recognised for his roles in the films Coco, Old, and Bad Education. Bernal will play the lead role of Jack Russell, also known as the Werewolf by Night.

In addition, Laura Donnelly portrays Elsa Bloodstone in the film in the part that she was originally cast for. Verusa is played by Harriet Sansom Harris, Linda is portrayed by Eugenie Bondurant, Simon is portrayed by Leonardo Nam, and Jovan is portrayed by Kirk J. Thatcher.

Werewolf by Night: Plot

In this episode of the special, a secret organisation of monster hunters are called together at Bloodstone Temple after the death of their chief. They are required to compete against one another in a lethal game for a potent relic, all while fending off an unknown beast along the way.


This is done there as a peculiar and macabre homage to their deceased leader. To give some context, Jack Russell is destined by his family tree to inherit the ability to transform into the Werewolf by Night.

This is because Jack’s grandfather was a werewolf. Once the one-hour show has been broadcast, it will become abundantly evident how exactly the lycanthrope superhero fits into the mystery ritual that is currently being conducted.

Is Werewolf by Night hero or villain?

When Werewolf by Night’s protagonist, Jack Russell, goes through the process of transforming into the wild hybrid known as Werewolf by Night, he finally comes into his own as a howling, hirsute hero. During this time, Jack was able to uncover his true character.

How powerful is Werewolf by Night?

Not only does Jack Russell from Werewolf by Night have the strength necessary to lift vehicles and break through steel, but he also has a few additional tools in his armoury that would make him a formidable foe for a broad range of heroes and villains from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Teleportation, invisibility, and the power to read minds are some of the tools available to the user.

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Although “Werewolf by Night” can be seen as an entirely self-contained and separate special, it is connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a variety of different ways. This is despite the fact that it can be viewed as an entirely separate special.

Note from the Editor: It is likely that the following conversation will reveal elements of the storylines from the previously published works “Werewolf by Night” and “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

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