Is Judge Judy Gay? Know More About This American Lawyer’s Sexuality and Life!

is judge judy gay

“Judge Judy,” whose real name is Judith Susan Scheindlin, is an American lawyer, author, talk show host, and television producer residing in Brooklyn, New York. The CBS court show “Judge Judy,” hosted by Scheindlin, has won three Daytime Emmy Awards.

Born Judith Susan Scheindlin on October 21, 1942, in Brooklyn, New York, she is better known as “Judge Judy.” The Jewish ancestors of Judy’s family hail from Germany, Russia, and Ukraine. Her German-Jewish parents were both Holocaust survivors.

Scheindlin attended Brooklyn’s James Madison University for her BA in government. The year 1965 marked the culmination of her studies at New York Law School when she earned the degree of Juris Doctor.

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Is She Homosexual?

Sheindlin has a plethora of understanding about marriage thanks to her years of experience as a mediator, arbitrator, and litigator in family law cases. She feels very strongly about controversial topics like gay marriage and Proposition 8 in California.

is judge judy gay Sheindlin performed the wedding ceremony for singer Michael Feinstein and his longtime boyfriend, Terrence Flannery. They got married in Los Angeles in October of last year.

For me, this is about more than just the letter of the law. If both parties are gainfully employed, pay their fair share of taxes, and behave responsibly, then the state has no right to interfere with their decision to be married and form a partnership that allows them to inherit together and take advantage of the tax benefits of marriage.

Truthfully, I’m not troubled one bit by that. I wish things had been handled better during the debate around Proposition 8. I think the result would have been different if the issue had been put in the opposite way, with a “yes” vote permitting same-sex marriage and a “no” vote forbidding it. I think voters were puzzled.

Sheindlin is one of the few female justices in Manhattan, but her lifetime of work has tempered her otherwise progressive views on marriage. She comes from a marginalized community herself, and therefore she understands the difficulties queer and questioning youth face when they are brought up in homes that do not accept or support them.

Many parents today seem to understand the need of showing their children love regardless of their sexual orientation or the identity of their partner. I do think, though, that people are generally growing more tolerant of one another’s differences.

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I went to a session about sexism in the law many years ago. there were some older males on the bench who, despite having been there for 30 years, nevertheless made insensitive comments like, “Hey, honey, that’s a great-looking skirt.” you have plenty of a nice leg to work with. They hoped that by setting a good example, the kids would follow suit.

At a Judge’s conference, an elderly man shouted, “aw, get off your soapbox, you’ve got a nice tush!” to a woman who was delivering a speech.

The synonymic expression I remember telling a coworker, “you know, sometimes you just have to accept that that generation needs to die off. they are singularly focused on an issue for which there is no workable remedy.

While watching Archie Bunker on the treadmill this morning, I got into a good workout. Right now, I still enjoy a good laugh at his expense. Are you optimistic that Archie’s bunker can be saved? Putting it bluntly, the answer is no. no alterations may be made at this time.

But I think most Americans are beginning to agree that “what you do in your life is no one else’s business as long as you are a responsible person, pay your taxes, and don’t drive 120 mph in a 30 MPH zone.”

Sheindlin claims that there is always one thing that can be done to aid disadvantaged kids. They need affirmation and encouragement to feel good about themselves. Possessing self-assurance can really save a person’s life. Every child, in my opinion, should have at least one parent that values them as an individual.

My mom and dad gave me a hand. Possessing such enduring and universally useful self-assurance would be a boon to the lives of all children. My father always drilled this into me.

In addition, if you have that, you can negotiate your way out of any other difficulty that life may present. It’s not true that hardship ultimately strengthens character. The opposite is true for young children.

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The best thing we can do for a child is to help them discover their talents and build on them as they progress through middle school and high school. Master the subject thoroughly so that you may make a living at it.

It seems that Sheindlin understands this idea better than anyone else. Recently, she made a decision to return to the CBS show “Judge Judy” for the upcoming season. Sheindlin will continue to serve as bench boss until at least the summer of 2013.


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