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The Pact Series 2 Ending Explained: Who Killed Jack?

The BBC has promised that season 2 of The Pact will be another “suspenseful and emotive crime thriller,” and that we won’t have to wait long for it to air.

Peter McTighe, following the popularity of the first season of The Pact, which followed five brewery workers whose lives unraveled after their employer died under unexplained circumstances, has created a new six-part drama.

Rakie Ayola, a BAFTA winner, will portray a social worker whose loyalty is tested when she and her family are approached by a stranger. In the previous season, she played a detective. As with the first, Ayola’s role in the sequel’s production will be that of the executive producer.

The new series is a collaboration between BBC Drama and BBC Wales; here is what we know about it so far…

The Pact Season 2 Plot

the pact series 2 ending explainedRakie Ayola stars as social worker Christine Rees, a mother of three children who are trying to move on after the loss of her son Liam. When a mysterious man named Connor moves in next door, however, he unlocks a whole trove of dark secrets from Christine’s past.

According to the synopsis, “Christine’s family, oldest son Will, youngest son Jamie, and daughter Megan are trying to get on with their lives after the recent tragic death of their brother Liam.” A man named Connor appears in town claiming a connection to Megan and her family that no one could have imagined, completely upsetting the family as they prepare for the wedding.

As long-hidden truths are revealed, they are forced to question their identities and ponder questions of right and wrong as well as the consequences of their divided allegiances. A horrible deal may be their only hope as their lives spin out of control.

Watch the Pact Season 2 Here

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The Pact Series 2 Ending Explained

Christine’s old friend and coworker Kate had a client who was pregnant and battling with substance abuse. After giving delivery, she fled the squat without her baby. Kate, who was going through her own problems, asked Christine for help, and Christine jumped right in.

Christine wanted to give her daughter a better life than she had by giving her the loving family and supportive environment that she had been lacking. That might not have happened if the boy had been placed in foster care, so she adopted him, renamed him Liam, and started treating him as her own. Nonetheless, Christine had no idea who his brother Connor was before he entered her life.

Her husband Harry was less than enthusiastic about her choice, but he respected it and supported her nonetheless. The strain on their friendship became too much to bear, and the two of them drifted apart. On the other hand, that wasn’t the only enigma that was cleared out by the conclusion.

So who are the others, you may well wonder? Megan’s husband Gethin posed the question to Christine. Now that you’ve lied about Liam, who else are you going to lie to? Who’s going to win, Will, Jamie, or Megan?

Megan reflected on how they frequently uprooted their lives as children, moving between London, Manchester, and Wales; Will observed that he had never seen a photo of Christine pregnant.

Christine tried to convince the gang after the fact that their versions of events didn’t match up with Liam’s, but it was too late. Megan stated emphatically, “We’re not a family.” They are a cult, as someone put it.

An hour or so later, Christine’s client Kayla showed up with her brand-new infant. Like Liam, she too was struggling with substance abuse, and it was affecting her ability to parent. But there was something else that weighed heavily on her.

Kayla revealed to Christine that she was with Liam when he passed away. Sad and alone, he asked her to bring him something “strong” to lift his spirits. Kayla injected him similarly to how she would inject herself, however, the result was fatal for him.

Christine, upon learning the truth, abducted the couple’s child in order to cause Kayla the same pain she had had upon losing Liam. She went to the seashore, where she had sat with Liam while he was teething, while her worried loved ones searched desperately for her.

Megan arrived shortly after to take the baby from her, followed by Will and Jamie. But Christine plunged off the cliff when no one was looking, leaving behind three devastated children and a voicemail in which she admitted to intentionally administering GHB to Connor. It’s plausible to assume that Megan, Will, and Jamie had similarly tumultuous upbringings, despite our lack of information about their childhoods.

Christine’s actions with Liam and the others were driven by her wish to protect them from experiencing the same heartbreak she had. The law does not justify her conduct, but many people can relate to how she dealt with the challenges she faced.

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Rakie Ayola told and other media outlets, “Christine, like every mom, will do everything for her children.” There’s also the possibility that she’ll do what she thinks is best for herself, even if others have strong objections to her plan of action. So long as their well-being is ensured, she will do whatever it takes.

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