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Is Young M.A. Lesbian? Know More About Her Sexuality and Life!

American rapper Katorah Kasanova Marrero goes under the stage name Young M.A. (an acronym for “Young Me. Always”). Her breakout tune “Ooouuu,” which went quadruple platinum and climbed into the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100, and has over 300 million YouTube views, is largely responsible for her initial surge in fame.

Young M.A. was nominated for Artist of the Year and Female Hip-Hop Artist of the Year at the BET and MTV awards shows after the success of her debut single. There was a surge in the number of magazine covers featuring her. She has starred in international ads for Google Pixel 2, Beats by Dre, and Pandora. She has made numerous television appearances and even shared the stage with Alicia Keys on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show.

Young M.A Reveals That She Doesn’t Identify As Lesbian

Young M.A., a rapper from Brooklyn, has a reputation for projecting a manly image in the music industry, despite the fact that all of his high-profile partnerships have been with women.

The Herstory emcee recently revealed in an interview with Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored that, contrary to popular belief, she does not identify as a lesbian.

After Jason Lee asked Young M.A. if she is a lesbian, he and his co-host Melyssa Ford had an in-depth conversation about the topic. She answered, “No.” It’s true that “I’m just Young M.A.” She elaborated on the statement, explaining that she doesn’t like labels. This is it!” It’s just not possible for me to date a guy like that… No, I just don’t go out with guys. I have a soft spot for females.

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And M.A. isn’t a fan of the category of “female rap,” either. Because you don’t say “guys rapper,” she argued, “first of all, female rappers seem to be the only ones in a box.” Ford compared the concept to the preference of female actors to be referred to as “actors” rather than “actresses.” M.A. concurred with the idea and used it as justification for her refusal to accept any titles. For that reason alone, she explained, “I don’t identify as a female rapper.”

“If we don’t want to be separated, if we’re unifying and doing all this type of thing where we want people to embrace us for us, as people—just like you and I am human—why still segregate yourself?” she asked. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Say “Yo listen, I’m me” if all you want is to be recognized and accepted for who you are.

M.A. made it plain that she did not enter the music business with the intention of advancing the interests of a specific demographic or of endorsing a specific political agenda.

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Personal Life

In her music, Young M.A. has always been out and proud of her sexual orientation. She admitted to the Breakfast Club that she had a crush on females ever since she was in the first grade. She told Vogue that “after I got everything out of me, the music became effortless.”

She is done with labels as of the year 2019; when Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked inquired as to Young M.A.’s sexuality, the rapper responded, “I don’t want to identify myself.” “False, I am a member of the Young M.A. No labeling here, please. It’s just not in my nature to go out with males. Not into that at all, man.”

Young M.A. said in an interview with The Breakfast Club that she felt “out of place” when she suppressed her sexuality. Her mother repeatedly probed her daughter about her sexual orientation, but she always denied being a lesbian.

She said she was afraid her mom wouldn’t love her anymore if she came out. “I used to be terrified to tell my mums,” she admitted during the interview, “even though I knew my moms wasn’t the type of mother to be like ‘Oh, I don’t like you or ‘I’m going to ignore you.'”

In another interview, Young M.A. elaborated on his reluctance to come out as a lesbian: “I was terrified to communicate it to people who are close to me, That was me not embracing it yet.”

At 18, when she came out to her family, she felt like a new chapter was beginning in her rap career. She also said, “Since I came out publicly, that’s when all the chicks flopped, that’s when it was a wrap,” in an interview with Noisey Raps. In addition, she noted that people “feel her more” now that she is at ease.

In addition, she added on another occasion, “I had finally arrived at my true self when the band stopped playing. My voice is my instrument. For me, listening to music is a form of therapy. I find comfort and healing in music. To explain my sexual orientation, I’ll use this space. I had bottled up so much emotion, and now I can finally let it out.”

is young ma lesbian

Marrero said that being up in New York City aided in her coming to terms with her sexuality. What the MC said was: “In the Big Apple, it’s a hot commodity. There are a lot of gay people, I used to think.

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I felt safe and secure; finally, I could be myself. For a long time, I tried to suppress my attraction to women, but eventually, it became impossible to ignore.” Despite her outspokenness about her sexual orientation, she insists that it not be used to marginalize her as a creative force.

Kenneth Ramos, the brother of Young M.A., was fatally stabbed by a former buddy on September 26, 2009. To cope with the catastrophe, young M.A. missed a month of school and went to counseling.

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