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Is Chrishell Stause Dating: Don’t Miss These Interesting Updates About Chrishell Dating Status

The Selling Sunset star and the Australian musician first got together in October 2021, and ever since they made their relationship public in the beginning of May, they have been very open about their developing affair.

During the season 5 reunion of the Netflix show, moderator Tan France asked Stause if she had been seeing anyone special since the end of her relationship with Jason Oppenheim.

In response, Stause confirmed that she was dating G Flip.The real estate agent explained that she met the musician, who identifies as non-binary, when she was asked to be in one of their music videos.

Since the Days of Our Lives alum is so passionate about acting, she jumped at the opportunity to participate in the music video.

Since that time, the couple has moved in together, posted images on social media replete with public displays of affection, and even given each other tattoos.

This new romance for Stause comes after she ended her marriage to Jason Oppenheim, who was both her costar and the head of the Oppenheim Group.


The two made their romance public for the first time in July 2021, and they broke up for good in December of that same year.

Continue scrolling for an analysis of how Stause and G Flip’s relationship has developed thus far.

First Encounter Between Chrishell Stause and G Flip

G Flip stated in an interview for the PEOPLE Everyday Podcast that they first met Stause on Halloween in 2021 and discovered that they shared a lot of similarities with one another.

“When you asked us, we were both with our exes at the time… After that, it is evident that we parted ways with our partners, and we immediately began conversing and doing other things “This is stated by G Flip.

“Even though most people would assume that we come from quite different parts of the world, my friends and I have discovered that we share a lot of commonalities.

There are times when we realise how similarly we are.”

Chrishell Stause Has Published a Photograph on Instagram Featuring G Flip

Stause posted a photo with G Flip for the first time on March 18, in a carousel of images that were initially featured on her Instagram Story.

Although this did not technically make their relationship “Instagram official,” it was the first time the two had posed for a photo together.

As part of the roundup, Stause was seen giving the peace sign while posing for a selfie with the singer, who smiled and took the picture.

The star of Selling Sunset took to Instagram to express her gratitude, writing, “Grateful for every person in these images!”

G Flip Publishes Photographs at the Residence of Chrishell Stause.

On March 21, G Flip published a series of photographs taken at a residence that appeared to belong to the real estate agent.


In the month prior to G Flip’s post, Stause also posted a pair of photos to Instagram, which appeared to be taken in the same location.

Despite the fact that the gallery was posted on Instagram before the couple made their relationship official, Stause commented on the post with a flame and a love emoji, and the singer who is well known for her song “Gay 4 Me” responded with “.”

During the month of May, a source revealed to PEOPLE that “Chrishell moved [G Flip] in,” referring to Stause’s home in Los Angeles, which she purchased in part by selling the wedding ring she had received from her former partner Justin Hartley.

Chrishell Stause’s Instagram Post Has Received Comments From G Flip

During the period of time that preceded the public announcement of G Flip and Stause’s relationship, G Flip commented on a few of Stause’s Instagram postings with witty and kind remarks.

On March 24, Stause shared a carousel from her time spent at the release party for the second season of Bridgerton. G Flip had written ” ” in one of the photos.

The Only Person Chrishell Stause Has Confessed to Being in a Relationship With Is Jason Oppenheim Due to the fact that “We Were About to Get Outed”.

On the numerous posts that followed, sweet comments have appeared, such as when they commented “princess” paired with a flame emoji on Stause’s Instagram gallery, picturing her dressed in a yellow gown on April 22. Other comments have been equally as sweet.

Chrishell Stause Discusses Her Relationship With G Flip

Through an Instagram video, Stause discussed her connection with G Flip in the goal of assisting followers in better comprehending the complexities of gender identification.

She reveals that G Flip is non-binary and that their preferred pronouns are “they, them” in the video that she posted.

“Everyone is different, but for them, they truly feel like they are a hybrid, and they identify on both the masculine and female sides of the gender spectrum.

Therefore, I consider that to be one of those things that possesses such a lovely balance. Stause believes that this is likely the reason why the two of us connected on such a profound level so immediately.

Ex-girlfriend Chrishell Stause released a video in which she discussed her current relationship with G Flip.

She went on to say, “I know that some of you won’t understand this or agree with this, but for me, it is all about the person.”

It goes to the core of their being. There is, without a doubt, a component of yourself that serves as the source of your fascination.

On the other hand, I find that I am drawn to the masculine energy. And it doesn’t really matter to me what shape or form it takes.”

“I’m aware that this is fresh information for you all. I do recognise that it is difficult to comprehend.

She continued by saying, “But I believe that it’s an act of love to recognise that if it’s not something that you know of, keeping that curiosity about life and developing forward is an act of love,” before referring to her previous relationship with Oppenheim.

Chrishell Stause and G Flip Will Celebrate Halloween by Dressing Up Like Each Other.

On Instagram, Stause showcased her and G Flip’s humorous Halloween costume by posting a photo of the two of them.

In the collection of photographs, Stause could be seen wearing a tank top, loose jeans, and a trucker hat.

In the meantime, the Australian musician posed for the camera while wearing heels and a form-fitting outfit. In the caption for the photo, Stause wished everyone a “HAPPY HALLOWEEN.”

“We enjoyed all of the legends tagging us in your costumes so we decided to just go as each other,” they wrote. Yesterday, I laughed until I wept more times than I could even count.


The next day, G Flip shared some photographs that she had taken during their Halloween celebrations, including some in which she posed as if she were working at Stause’s desk at the Oppenheim Group.

The performer made a joke about how she has “sold 14 residences and I’m now in escrow on 3 listings as of this morning” in the description of one of her Instagram posts.

Are Chrishell and G Flip Still Together?

On Instagram, Jason broke the news by writing, “Although Chrishell and I are no longer together, we continue to be the best of friends, and we will always love and support one another.”

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It is not surprising that viewers of Selling Sunset are interested in learning the total amount of cash that the real estate salesmen featured on the show have stashed away in their savings accounts.

According to estimations provided by Celebrity Net Worth, Stause’s current net worth is in the neighbourhood of six million dollars.

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