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Snipes.Fr Traffic Analytics & Market Share

Looking at the traffic statistics for, it’s clear that the site is doing well in terms of overall traffic. But how does it compare to other sites in terms of market share? In this post, we’ll take a look at’s traffic analytics and market share in order to get a better understanding of the site’s place in the online landscape.

Traffic Overview Traffic Analytics & Market Share | Similarweb is one of the top websites in France with over 2 million unique visitors per month. The website has a strong presence in the search engine results pages (SERPs), particularly for the keywords “sneakers” and “streetwear”. The site has a very high bounce rate, but this is to be expected given the nature of the content.

Overall, is a very popular website with a strong presence in the French market. The site has a lot of potential for growth and could become a major player in the online sneaker and streetwear market.

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Traffic by Country

As of July 2020, the website receives the majority of its traffic from France (61.8%), followed by Germany (16.1%), Switzerland (5.4%), and Italy (3.9%). The website has seen a slight decrease in traffic from France over the past year, but this has been offset by increases in traffic from Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.

Traffic by Device Type

Global Internet Traffic by Device Type - nScreenMedianScreenMedia

The table below shows the percentage of traffic receives from various devices.

As can be seen, the majority of traffic to comes from desktop computers (61%), followed by mobile phones (32%). Tablets make up a relatively small percentage of traffic at just 7%.

This is in line with general trends in web traffic, where desktop computers are still the most commonly used device for accessing the internet, followed by mobile phones.

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Traffic by Browser Type

Usage share of web browsers - Wikipedia

The data shows that most of the traffic to comes from Google Chrome, followed by Safari. These two browsers account for more than 70% of the total traffic. Firefox and Internet Explorer are in third and fourth place, respectively.

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The data from shows that the site is a popular destination for online shoppers in France. The site has a strong market share, and its traffic analytics show that it is growing steadily. This is good news for businesses that are looking to target French consumers.

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