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The English Ending Explained: Will Cornelia Be Able To Take Revenge?

The English is a historical western drama about a woman who wants to get revenge and travels across America. She meets a Native American who helps her get where she needs to go. The show is now available to watch on Prime Video.

The English (2022): Plot Explained

The English Ending Explained

A woman thinks back on her past and a man she loved very much. Back in 1890, a Native American named Running Hawk was killed by two American soldiers. They also want to kill his wife and son, but a Native American soldier tells them not to.

Sergeant Eli Whipp is an Indian from the Pawnee tribe. He was a scout in the army. He plans to go back to Nebraska, where he was born, after his service to claim some land that is rightfully his.

Richard Watts meets Cornelia when she gets to a hotel in the middle of nowhere a week later. She came all the way from England by herself, and Watts offers to show her first Native American.

He has Eli tied up and says that Eli came into his business and asked for a drink, but because Eli’s skin is a different color, he should be punished. Cornelia offers to pay money to get him out of jail, but Watts knocks her out instead.

He lets Eli go without his things and plans to sleep with Cornelia before killing her. Eli comes back later and kills Watts and his men, which saves Cornelia. She tells Eli that she’s going to Wyoming and needs his help to get there.

Eli doesn’t really like the idea, but he decides to go with her. Thomas Trafford is English and lives in Wyoming. He sells cattle there. Thin Kelly, who is his right-hand man, calls him away to deal with something important.

The English Ending Explained

They go to the nearby town of Hoxem to talk to Sheriff Marshall because Trafford’s cattle were attacked and their calves were taken. Trafford thinks it was done by the Irish people who moved to this new town started by a man named Melmont.

Cornelia and Eli are moving across the great plans. Cornelia’s son died, and she wants to get even with the person who killed him.

Two thieves corner a German Mennonite man whose wife is pregnant. They want to take everything he has and kill him, leaving his wife on her own.

Eli helps Cornelia with her shooting and shows her how to find her way when she’s on her own. Cornelia says that she is also pretty good at using a bow and arrow.

They see a Native American couple with a plot of land along the way. They keep an eye out and later see the thieves who killed the German. Even though they are outnumbered, they kill the bandits.

They find the German’s carriage, which is where the German’s wife is. Eli says that the mother is already dead, but that he can still save the baby. Cornelia also finds a young girl hiding in one of the carriage’s compartments.

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The English Ending Explained

They don’t know what to do with the kids, so they take them to an old Native American couple’s farm. The couple tells them that the rest of the Mennonites are two days’ ride away in the opposite direction.

Cornelia decides to take the kids there, and Eli stays at the farm to wait for her. A man named Timothy Flynn kills his wife and himself near Hoxem. Billy Myers, one of his friends, is worried about him.

Trafford and Billy’s wife, Martha, have a fight about cattle. Martha’s cattle got out of her yard because the fence was broken, and Trafford’s men had to take them in because it was the law. Billy’s guts are later found on display for everyone to see.

Eli thinks that the couple at the farm is up to no good. Cornelia meets Black-Eyed Mog and her two sons, but they don’t bother her and let her go.

Eli learns that the couple tells the robbers about anyone who walks by and then gives them a cut. They put something in his food, and when he tries to leave, he falls asleep.

Cornelia brings the children back to the rest of their family, but the Mennonites tell her that the couple is responsible for the deaths in that area. She runs back to the farm quickly, but the woman is the only one there. She kills her and then waits for the man so she can find out where he took Eli.

The English Ending Explained


He tells her that Eli was given to a Native American man named Kills on Water. Kills on Water asks Eli about something he saw when he was in the army.

Thomas Trafford, Thin Kelly, and David Melmont moved to Wyoming in 1875 to clear the land so they could raise cattle there. Melmont was in charge of making sure Trafford’s money was in order because he had failed at many things in the past.

Along the way, they find a camp of Cheyenne Native Americans. They try to stay away from them, but later on, they meet Jerome McClintock, Billy Myers, and Timothy Flynn, three soldiers who ran away from the army. The soldiers want to kill Native Americans, and Melmont offers to show them where they can find them.

Trafford refuses to help, so they knock him out and leave him with Kelly while they kill everyone in the village. Eli was sent there to find the soldiers, and when he does, he decides not to tell anyone what happened.

Trafford and Kelly told the nearest fort about Melmont and the soldiers, so they were kicked out of the army and Melmont was sent to jail. When Melmont got out of prison, he went to England to see Cornelia because Trafford was supposed to marry her.

He tells her that Trafford needs money because he was arrested, but letters from him help Cornelia find out the truth. Melmont raped her and took her house’s money. She gets pregnant with Melmont’s child in the end.

The English Ending Explained

Kills on Water says that Eli can be free if he kills Black-Eyed Mog, a rival in the business of being a bandit. Cornelia finds out about this from the man at the farm, and she goes to kill Cornelia. She rescues a Native American boy there and he follows her as she goes to free Eli.

Eli and Cornelia keep going, but they notice that the boy who had been following them has been taken. Sheriff Marshall is also trying to learn more about how Timothy and Billy died. He learns about the Chalk massacre where they killed the Cheyenne tribe with McClintock and Melmont.

Eli finds the boy at a cable company’s camp, where some white men are planning to send him to a Christian school. Eli notices that one of the Native American women is Running Hawk’s widow and remembers that the boy is her son. He tells her, and she sets him free.

The boy leaves with Eli and Cornelia, but the man who owns the camp shoots at them with a long-range rifle. He gets the boy’s horse, but not the boy or the other people. Back at camp, the boy’s mother pulls out a gun and shoots the man.

Eli fights off the men who are after them, but Cornelia falls sick and has to be taken to the hospital. Eli takes her and the boy to find a doctor. He finds a man named Flathead Jackson who says he is a doctor of the mind.

It turns out that Cornelia has syphilis, which she got from being raped. Her son also had it, and he died at 14 years old. The Sheriff learns that Melmont also raped and forced Martha to marry Billy.

Eli knows that Cornelia is telling the truth, so they head to Wyoming to meet their fate.

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The English (2022): Ending Explained

What happens with Thomas Trafford?

The English Ending Explained

Melmont is always bothering Thomas, so he moves his cattle to Alberta, which is farther north. He sends Kelly ahead to make sure that everything is ready for him.

Kelly never gets there, and later, she shows up at Martha’s farm after being shot. Cornelia and Eli run into Thomas’s manager a while later. He tells them that a flash flood hit and washed away all the cattle.

He also says that Thomas was caught in the flood and didn’t want to be saved, even though they could have. Cornelia will never see Thomas again because he dies before she can.

What Happens at Martha’s Farm?

The English Ending Explained

When Kelly walks up to the farm, the Sheriff is with Martha. They hurry to him, and then Eli, Cornelia, and the Sheriff’s deputy show up.

When the sheriff’s deputy says he learned about the massacre and how Melmont got syphilis from a prostitute at the whorehouse they were caught in afterward, everything falls into place.

Martha worries that she and her son might have it too, but Cornelia says that since they haven’t shown any symptoms, she must have been with Melmont when he was in the latent phase, so they weren’t infected.

Right then, Jerome McClintock comes to see them. He is very sick and has been for a long time. He gets on top of their cabin and starts shooting at them with a Gatling gun. Before McClintock rides away, Eli gets off his horse and fires a few shots at him.

The notice that Martha’s son is going to Melmont because he now knows what his mother went through.

Who Murders David Melmont?

The English Ending Explained

While Eli and Cornelia look for McClintock, the Sheriff and Martha head toward Melmont. They find his dead body in the end and get to Melmont’s camp before anyone else.

Cornelia talks to Melmont, but Melmont doesn’t seem to care at all. Cornelia takes her gun out, but she can’t shoot him. Then, just at that moment, Martha comes in and shoots Melmont.

They also check on Cornelia, who fell down but wasn’t hit. Eli takes a knife and stabs Melmont in the heart because he is still alive.

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What Happens with Cornelia?

The English Ending Explained

The Sheriff says he will cover up for Melmont’s murder, but Eli and Cornelia need to leave and go their separate ways. Cornelia doesn’t want to let go of Eli because they’ve grown close on this trip, but Eli says it’s time.

After a sad goodbye, they go their separate ways.

Cornelia is back in England 13 years later, but now she has syphilis and is sick all the time. When Flathead Jackson’s traveling circus comes to town, she goes to see it. When they first met, she helped pay for it.

She also asked him to take care of White Moon, a young Native American boy. Now that he’s grown up, she meets up with him and gives him something Eli gave her when they split up.

He thanks her for saving his life again, and she finally goes on her way.

You can stream The English on Prime Video.

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