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Laguna Beach Cast Now: Where Are All These Cast Today?

Confronting the truth. MTV decided to take a look at the actual town of Laguna Beach and the surrounding Orange County area in 2004, one year after the success of the television show The O.C. on Fox.

The personal lives of high school students including Stephen Colletti, Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Lo Bosworth, and others were the centre of the reality show when they were younger and still in high school.

Conrad served as the show’s narrator throughout the first season, during which the primary plot revolved around a love triangle in which she was involved with both Cavallari and Colletti.

After Conrad left for college at the beginning of Season 2, Cavallari assumed her role as the show’s narrator.

After the conclusion of her season, a brand-new cast was presented. During this time, the show was successful enough to spawn its first spinoff, titled “The Hills,” which followed Conrad and her best friend, Heidi Montag, as they navigated life in Los Angeles and endeavoured to achieve their goals in the “city of dreams.”

As the fourth season of The Hills came to a close, one of its cast members, Whitney Port, who had followed her design career to New York City, was offered her very own spinoff.

The television show Laguna Beach was supposed to be a drama about a high school, but the producers were not permitted to film inside the actual high school.


As a result, the show was completely rewritten to concentrate on the personal lives of the cast members.

“Two days after [casting], it was the Super Bowl when Janet Jackson’s boob showed herself, courtesy to a wardrobe malfunction and Justin Timberlake.

“[Casting] took place on [date]. MTV was responsible for producing that halftime show. Therefore, it was necessary for them to accept the blame for everything that occurred,” Colletti stated in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly in March.

“When that took place, the members of the school board came together, and they were all like, ‘No, no no, this is not going to happen. MTV, you have left the building.'”

The producers of Laguna Beach decided to hunt for a new town and establish a new spinoff called Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County after the third season of the original show did not fare well without its original cast. Regrettably, it was cancelled after only 12 episodes.

Fortunately, MTV was able to score a success with the series The Hills, which ran for a total of six seasons between the years 2006 and 2010.

Conrad made the decision to quit the show in the middle of the fifth season, and Cavallari came in and took over as the star, similar to what she did on Laguna Beach.

After the conclusion of the series, many of the cast members expressed their dissatisfaction with the increasingly scripted nature of the reality show.

In point of fact, the conclusion of the series had some bearing on that, as the final scene concluded with the backdrop of the Hollywood sign shaking, thereby showing that it was a set.

MTV debuted the new series The Hills: New Beginnings in 2019, and it starred a significant number of the original cast members from The Hills. Neither Cavallari nor Conrad appeared in the series in any capacity.

Who among us is still in touch in the present day? However, there are some people who are still working in the reality television industry, despite the fact that many others have gone on.

“I continue to converse with a large number of individuals. “The people that were on the programme, specifically Dieter Schmitz and Trey Phillips, we are still extremely close friends with,” stated Colletti. “

Conrad and I, we’ll typically be there around the Fourth of July, and she’ll be hosting guests.” She does an excellent job of hosting the event. Shocker!”

You may find out what the cast is up to these days by scrolling through the gallery that follows:

Lauren Conrad

Following her role as a star on The Hills, Conrad turned her attention to her design career, founding the clothing lines LC Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown. She is the author of nine different publications.

In 2014, the cofounder of Little Market tied the knot with William Tell. They are the parents of two children together, two sons named Liam and Charlie who were born in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

Kristin Cavallari

After The Hills came to an end, Cavallari tried her hand at acting and hosting, in addition to continuing her appearances on the show.

In 2013, she tied the knot with Jay Cutler, and the couple went on to have three children together: sons Camden and Jaxon, and a daughter named Saylor.

The couple made the announcement of their separation in April of 2020. The former cast member of Very Cavallari now runs her own company, the fashion and lifestyle brand Uncommon James, and has written several books, one of which is titled True Comfort and is scheduled to be released in 2020.

The author of “Balancing in High Heels” got back together with Colletti in 2022 so that the two of them could cohost their podcast “Laguna Beach: Back to the Beach.”

Stephen Colletti

After her time on Laguna Beach, Colletti turned her attention to acting and was cast in One Tree Hill, where she remained until 2012.

Since then, he has appeared in an episode of Hometown Christmas on the Lifetime Channel.

He collaborated with James Lafferty in 2018 to write, produce, and star in the film Everyone is Doing Great. Hulu decided to continue airing the series in the year 2021.

In 2022, he began working alongside Cavallari as a co-host on the podcast “Laguna Beach: Back to the Beach.”

In August of 2022, the native of California provided confirmation of his romantic involvement with NASCAR reporter Alex Weaver.

Jason Wahler

After the conclusion of Laguna Beach, Wahler went on to make an appearance on The Hills. After that, he took a break from reality television to concentrate on himself and get clean and healthy.


In later seasons of The Hills, such as New Beginnings (which aired from 2019 to 2021), he made an appearance.

Wahler tied the knot with Ashley Slack in the year 2013. In 2017, the couple became parents to a daughter named Delilah, and in 2021, they welcomed a son named Wyatt.

Dieter Schmitz

Schmitz is employed as an area general manager by Lore Group and contributes to the design of hotels.

He resides in Washington, District of Columbia. In 2016, he tied the knot with his wife Isabell, and three of his former co-stars, Colletti, Phillips, and Loren Polster, were in attendance as groomsmen.

Nico, the couple’s first child, was born in September of 2018, making the former reality star a father for the first time.

The happy couple shared the news in October 2022 that they will be parents to a little girl.

Trey Phillips

Since the show, Phillips has maintained a low profile, and all of his social media accounts are set to private. He is employed by Vera Wang as a designer there.

Lo Bosworth

Love Wellness is an all-female brand of cosmetics and personal care items that was established by Bosworth.

In addition, she is a resident of New York and studied at the French Culinary Institute.

Talan Torriero

Torriero is both an actor and a professional in the field of digital marketing. He has a wife and two children, and the family resides in the state of Nebraska.

The former MTV star shared with Us magazine in November 2022 in an exclusive interview, “I’m loving my life,” as he reflected on his marriage to Danielle Torriero and the couple’s children, Bronson and Hudson.

Jessica Smith

Cavallari’s ex-best friend and best friend forever currently resides in Texas with her husband and their four children. She also manages an online lifestyle website in addition to her Amazon store.

Christina Schuller

In addition to being a wife and mother of two, Schuller resides in Laguna Beach, where she maintains a career as a certified nutritionist and barre instructor. As of the month of April in the year 2020, she was carrying her third child.

Morgan Smith

Smith is the creator of Minnow Swimwear, a brand of bathing suits that has most recently formed a partnership with J.Crew. Her husband and two children all currently call Laguna Beach, California home.

Alex Murrel

In 2014, “Alex M” tied the knot with “Kyle Johnson.” They are parents to two children together. She was one of the original cofounders of the consulting firm Mox and continues to make her home in Orange County.

Casey Reinhardt


Reinhardt tied the knot with Sean Brown in 2016, and the couple now has two children together. Casey’s Cupcakes, her own bakery, has locations in both Riverside, California, and Laguna Beach, California.

She is the owner of both. In 2011, she was victorious on an episode of “Cupcake Wars.”

Taylor Cole

Photographer and holistic nutritionist are two of Cole’s many talents. She is a mother to two and has remained in Orange County throughout her life. In 2014, she participated in the wedding of Murrell as a bridesmaid.

Alex Hooser

Lauren, whose alias is “Alex H,” is a married mother of two who goes by her real name. In addition, she participated in the wedding of Murrell as a bridesmaid.

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Playboy Talan Torriero remained in the public eye and made headlines as a result of his relationship with Nicole Scherzinger and Kimberly Stewart, the daughter of Rod Stewart.

In 2014, he took the plunge and married Danielle Zuroski, marking the beginning of his new life.

After relocating to Nebraska, the couple was blessed with their first two children.

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